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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Males in Pink

John Marine | 6:11 PM | | |
To many people, pink is exclusively feminine. But just like "age is nothing but a number," pink is nothing but a color. Males wear pink as much as any female who loves pink. In fact, there may be some of us guys who love pink as some females do! Another thing about pink is that it is associated with breast cancer awareness. Some of us males may wear pink even if not for breast cancer awareness. And of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing anything for any acts of benevolence. The main point here is that there are males who wear pink. Most of you know I love blue- which is typically considered the color for us males. There are females who wear (and maybe even love) blue. Conversely, there are males who wear pink. How do I feel about males wearing pink?

This is a quick blog post I've prepared where I simply will discuss males wearing pink. What do I think about males wearing pink? Be sure to read on.

WARNING: Some material in this post may not be suitable for all audiences.

--- Males in Pink: Perception vs. Reality ---

Before I discuss males wearing pink, we need to set the mood. So here you go:

men in pink
^ from: - What do you think about men wearing pink?

The thing here is that we get the perception that only females should wear pink. It is sort of that social deal where anything outside of the norm is considered taboo or grounds for punishment and ridicule. Some people who see some males wear pink think of such males as gay. That is ENTIRELY untrue. A few of my male friends from school and college back then wore pink. Because of the sort of stereotypes and social aspects in play, some people would think males shouldn't wear pink. Almost as if a male wearing pink equates to a male wearing lingerie or lipstick.

I don't own any pink-colored clothes. Only thing real pink I have is some pink beaded bracelet with flower designs on it for some party I went to years ago. Pink is just a color. While pink is usually associated with feminine things, it shouldn't be entirely off-limits for males to wear pink if they choose to wear pink. Males wearing pink also is sometimes seen as males being gay. That is ENTIRELY untrue. I've known guys who wear pink and are straight. So wearing pink doesn't automatically mean you're gay or even bisexual. You do know there are those who'll willingly put a guy down just because he wears pink. If only some people could show proper respect to such guys...

...which leads to my Final Thoughts.

--- Males in Pink: Final Thoughts ---

While I don't own any pink clothes or plan on buying any pink-colored clothes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a male wearing pink if you males want to wear pink. So you males out there reading this go ahead and wear pink if you desire to wear pink. Don't give into certain stereotypes and such. You males out there go ahead and wear that pink polo shirt. Go ahead and wear that handsome pink sweater vest, guys. Go to work or formal functions with a pink tie. You males out there go wear that pink T-shirt with the funny message or cool design on it. Even if a male wanted to wear a pink skirt or even a pink dress, why criticize? And... you know what? I'll even take it a step further- even if a male wants to wear a pink pair of ballet flats or even a hot pair of pink pumps, you male even go wear those pink shoes! A little more further now (and a bit TMI (too much information))- even if a male wants to wear pink underwear (or even pink lingerie)- let them!

The main point of all of this is that there is nothing wrong with a male wearing pink. We tend to let certain stereotypes and social norms dictate certain things we should or shouldn't wear. Fashion couldn't care less about what colors should be off-limits for males or females- it's all about wearing whatever your heart desires and incorporating your own style all the while. If that means a male wearing something that will disgust most people or too far out of bounds of "normal," then so be it. While I wouldn't wear pink, I don't hate any male who wears pink items as part of his wardrobe. I have no problem with the color pink as someone who follows a multitude of fashion blogs from fashion bloggers around the world. Never will I criticize a male just because he wears pink. Express yourself through the means of fashion however you choose. If that means you males want to wear pink, that's fine. Showcase your style with confidence. There's nothing hotter to females than a male who has confidence in himself in every aspect of him. So go rock pink, males/guys!

This question is perhaps an interesting one since I have mostly a feminine audience. Still, let me ask you these questions for discussion sake:

What do you think about males wearing pink, and would you (if you are a male) wear pink? How much of social stereotypes do you think plays a factor in males wearing pink? Also, do you think more males should wear pink regardless of what some people may think?

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