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Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Cute Booty" Pants

John Marine | 7:10 PM | |
Circa 2008, Kelly Nishimoto designed a pair of lounge-type pants that were called as the "Cute Booty" pants. True to their name, the "Cute Booty" pants offered various details to offer fashionistas with a cute backside and an abundance of style. Even if not bestowed with the most perfect of backsides, the "Cute Booty" pants could work wonders in making you look and feel appealing as you wear Kelly Nishimoto's wonderful lounge pants. This blog post is my look at the Cute Booty pants.

--- Cute Booty at a Glance ---

Let's take a look at these pants before I go any further. Here is a picture of these pants (picture may be replaced if I am unable to use it (such as for copyright issues)):

Kelly Nishimoto Cute Booty pants
^ from: (best I could find) - The "Cute Booty" pants from Kelly Nishimoto will give you a cute rear view as you wear them. Otherwise, why would she call these "Cute Booty" pants if they don't do what they promise?

The "Cute Booty" lounge pants were designed by Kelly Nishimoto. This American designer from the state of Georgia is quite a colorful character. The "Cute Booty" pants started to gain popularity as celebrities the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicolette Sheridan wore these pants. These lounging pants are noted for their luxurious and appealing details all around. But most importantly, they offer a stylish rear view to those who wear them. Coming in various colors, there is a pair of the "Cute Booty" pants that will make almost any female who can wear these look fabulous- especially from behind.

Cute Booty Details.

The "Cute Booty" pants feature a number of details to make them look hot to any fashionista. First off, these pants are made of silky soft jersey. They are straight-leg pants with somewhat wide legs. However, the legs aren't too wide to where they are more like palazzo pants. Up front is a removable tie made of satin. The satin tie at the front give these pants a luxurious appearance. And now, what you've been waiting for... a look behind. The back of the "Cute Booty" pants are somewhat form-fitting at the butt. A pair of ruched back pockets accentuate the rear of these pants. There are also other variations of the "Cute Booty" bottoms offered. These include the "Cute Booty" bottoms in legging form, cropped leggings, even a pair of "Cute Booty" shorts that are more like running shorts. They all still serve one purpose- comfortable loungewear that makes your backside look cute. Kelly Nishimoto says they are "made with love from Los Angeles." So for my American readers/visitors, three words come to mind in regards to these pants:


In other words, you could think of these "Cute Booty" pants as luxurious yoga pants only with pockets and a tie-up front. Only these are thicker and warmer than yoga pants. And... they still make your butt look cute! :)

Video Insight.

Here is some video insight on these delightful pants. The song played in the background from MEIKO is crap to me, and there may be a bit of bad language, so watch at your own discretion:

^ "Kelly Nishimoto Video"

Cool, huh?

Now that you know about these pants, allow me to offer some thoughts on them.

--- Cute Booty: Final Thoughts ---

These stylish lounge pants are completely feminine and hot. It really speaks to a level of confidence both in appearance and in acceptance to be able to wear such pants and feel appealing in them. There is no shortage of style with these pants. They are styled lovingly in my view and would easily look great with even a basic pair of flip-flop/thong sandals or perhaps even some ballet flats. They could even be dressed up with a chic pair of chic pumps or chic sandals. The fact they are also offered in legging form and in short shorts form only expands the appeal of the original "Cute Booty" pants from Kelly Nishimoto.

For More Information...

For more information on Kelly Nishimoto, visit For more info or to shop for the "Cute Booty" pants, visit Shop Cute Booty - Bottoms and visit for all things "Cute Booty." Or just to see all the products Kelly Nishimoto has to offer (including "Cute Booty"), visit:

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John Marine said...

I am pro, I like pink on men, especially pale pink! :)

John Marine said...

The pressure as a kid to have the "right' brands can be difficult at times. I think as an adult I feel less of that pressure. There are brands I aspire to have but still can not afford. I don't feel less adequate not being able to have those things because personal style is all about working with what you have. I have never been a fan of logo items. I don't want to pay money to advertise someone's brand. My clothes should ultimately be about me and my style, not making various brands more money through my advertising (that I pay for rather than am paid for through logos/emblems).

John Marine said...

No problems with pink on men! Pink is just a color. It was decided (probably by a corporation) at one time that pink was for females, blue for males, but they're just colors. And some men look really terrific in pink!


John Marine said...

For me, these pants aren't really great fashion, but there's nothing wrong with flattering your booty while you're lounging around!! :-)


John Marine said...

oh they are a bit charming for home wear indeed!


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John Marine said...

I love pink both on males and females!

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