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Shirt Dresses (or Shirtdresses)

Long shirts can be dress-like. Enter shirt dresses. They combine the comfort of a shirt with the draping long lengths of a dress. Most shirt dresses are often not as feminine or as chic as any regular fitted dress. A lot of shirt dresses are mostly casual. So they can be a good dress option for those who don't have such a wonderful body to wear chic dresses. They can also be good for those who simply can't wear the most feminine or girly of dresses. This blog post highlights on shirt dresses.

I've had a tough time choosing between "shirt dress" and "shirtdress." So this post is about "shirt dresses." I wanted to find the better term to get the best possible search results. You still get the idea here though, right? At least I hope...

--- Shirt Dresses at a Glance ---

Here is a shirt dress to set the mood (hover over each image to learn the name of each item in this section):

shirt dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - Here is a button-down shirt dress. Most shirt dresses are feminine while not being overly feminine.

Most shirt dresses aren't ultra-feminine in appearance. They are primarily and usually just long shirts with a dress-like feel. Certain figures who can't take the curve-happy styles of more glamourous or girly dresses may find something to love with a shirt dress. These shirt dresses can simply just be very long shirts for petites. In my research of this topic, I saw a number of topics in regards to shirt dresses being stylish mostly for curvy body types. They may also be a stylish dress option for pregnant females.

Don't get me wrong in all of this- shirt dresses can be very stylish and fashionable. Just that not many of them have that sort of chic appeal as, say... a sundress, an A-Line/skater dress, a shift dress, a body-con or bandage dress, or anything like that. Some shirt dresses are stylish enough to be taken from day into night. Most, if not all shirt dresses are very much modest.

Styling shirt dresses really depend on your sense of style. Most fashionistas tend to pair them with leggings and tights especially in colder weather. Cold weather with shirt dresses usually calls for leggings or tights with some knee-high boots. Some shirt dresses can be hot to wear with some wedge footwear or some high-heel footwear. To provide a charming silhouette, shirt dresses are often times worn with belts across the waist.

Shirt Dresses: More Pictures.

Here are some more shirt dresses:

T-shirt dress
^ from: www.shopbop.com - A T-shirt dress is very casual yet still has that feminine vibe.

polo shirt dress
^ from: shop.nordstrom.com - Though polo shirts are mostly unisex, a polo shirt dress is surely feminine.

shirt dress tunic
^ from: www.amazon.com - Correction- SOME shirt dresses can be very feminine. A shirt dress like this one with very high slits can serve as a very long tunic.

night shirt dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - You can lounge around and sleep in shirt dresses, especially with night shirts like this one.

Liking shirt dresses after seeing these pictures and reading my text?

--- Shirt Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

While not ultra-feminine or seriously girly, there is a lot of style to be had with shirt dresses. These dresses can be just as fabulous as any charming and dreamy dresses. It doesn't take too much to be chic in a shirt dress. Look for any number of ways to style these dresses appropriately to look as fabulous as you want.


Much more qualified sources than mine in regards to this topic can offer you better advice on shirt dresses. Take a look at these links for more advice on shirt dresses:

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Flatter EVERY Figure with These Cool & Comfy Shirt Dresses

That's all for this post. You may participate in the next section or skip it entirely. The next section is for you all to enjoy some shopping in case you want to do so based on this topic.

--- Shirt Dresses Online ---

If you don't have a shirt dress but want to get one after reading this post, feel free to use the items below to support my work while also expanding your wardrobe.

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Plenty of shirt dresses here. Find one (or more) and be happy:

Other Sources...

Properly searching for the right material can be tough. If I just note "shirt dress," dress shirts would probably be the majority of material to be featured, and I didn't want that for this post. So what you are getting here are shirt dresses. You want them? I got them (and more) in this section. Find your shirt dresses with these resources:

shirt dresses on Amazon
shirt dresses on eBay
shirt dresses on Shopbop
shirt dresses on Neiman Marcus
shirt dresses on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping, everyone! :)

Time for you to share your thoughts! Go for it:

What do you think about shirt dresses? Are there certain elements of shirt dresses that make them wearable and stylish?

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Love shirt dresses especially in summer. They are so versatile and effortlessly chic!


I neither love nor loathe the Ash sneakers. I'm not much of a sneakerhead, but if I were to wear sneakers, I think these wouldn't be a bad pair to choose.



Shirt dresses can be nice. The button front ones are a great wear-to-work option, but could be very sexy for a night out with a strategically unbuttoned button or two. T-shirt dresses are nice for an easy casual look. Nice post. :-)




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