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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wardrobe Malfunction!

John Marine | 2:56 PM |
Face it- we all have fashion moments we'd like to forget. Unfortunately, some of these moments are so insane that they stay with us for a very long time. Imagine moments where you think you look great... until something strange happens. You find out the zipper to your jeans/pants fly is unzipped. You find out you are providing people with an embarrassing peek of your underwear that you don't know you are giving. You're not wearing a belt... and then, your bottoms fall off of your waist, then you have to keep up your bottoms while out. Maybe you daring females decided to wear a scarf as a top... until the scarf comes loose and... you probably know what happens as a result. You females probably decided to not wear a bra and unfortunately flash one or both nipples; or, you may have provided an unnecessary and unwarranted peek of your nipples. You may have made mistakes applying makeup or lipstick (or both) to your face. As embarrassing as these moments are, they are very much real moments.

Have I had any wardrobe malfunctions? The worst ones I recall are times when my jeans fell off. One time was when I was not wearing a belt. I ended up having to pull up my jeans and keep them up until I got home. One night, even while wearing a belt and doing lots of walking, my jeans fell off. I had to re-adjust my belt and make sure to keep my pants up. I have thankfully never had some sort of embarrassing fashion moment where I made a fool of myself in public.

Wardrobe Malfunction! - Final Thoughts.

Just be careful! Always make sure that you're good and be alert if there is something strange about your outfit at present. Be sure you're all dressed up nicely and that you're all clean. Wardrobe malfunctions could happen, but you just need to be vigilant and aware for when these embarrassing and awkward moments happen.

By the way... can you believe I selected THIS topic to be my *official* 250th post of "StyleSpace by JBM?"

You don't need to be specific, but here's your discussion:

Have you suffered a wardrobe malfunction of some kind? How did you deal with that/those wardrobe malfunction(s)?

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