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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Encouragement in Fashion and Beauty

John Marine | 5:13 PM | |
An encouraged fashion blogger keeps going no matter what any haters daresay about one's looks or style. Most people give up on posting outfits and sharing styles because of constant negative comments. Let's imagine that people actually are mindful and respectful of one's style no matter what others may think. More people would keep posting and not feel under constant pressure to continually put together outfits loved by the greater public-at-large. Some fashion bloggers I have encountered have shared their disappointment in dealing with people who make poor comments about bloggers' looks or their style. At one point, I reached out to a couple of bloggers and offered my kind words for their outfits and style. It was the least I could do to help people feel better about themselves while doing their fashion blogging. Some people I even reached out to complimented me in the sense that while they may not be completely inclined and educated on fashion, they are at least humbled that I generally respect people and their style. Some even appreciated that I see the good in people and want the best for everyone. That's right, folks... I am NOT a hater or a troll!

When people don't feel encouraged, they feel like they are basically posting for no reason. Think about when a young lady posts about wearing a lovely A-line skirt or an A-line dress ("skater" is the term these days for A-line style skirts and dresses). She posts such outfits because she wants to share her sense of style to the world. Some people will love her outfit while some others maybe wants her to toughen up her looks or something. Regardless, the feeling of encouragement is enough to get people to keep posting. Never do I want certain people to stop making blog posts on fashion. I am nobody to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't do. I am also someone who generally respects the fashion choices certain people make. I have things I like in fashion and things I dislike in fashion. Regardless, I am not one to make any kind of choices or tell anyone how they should or shouldn't dress. At times, I even offered my own suggestions and recommendations as to how I would make a certain outfit better. Some people took my suggestions; some others disliked my suggestions. What was most important was that I shown I cared about each person and the styles they choose.

So when you're visiting fashion blogs or fashion social media (such as LOOKBOOK), I say to never fully disagree with one's style unless you think it can be made better. Not everyone makes the best fashion choices or always post the best outfits. Try to encourage people with kind comments, respectful disagreement, and constructive criticism. Do you REALLY want to talk about someone like they should stop posting on fashion? If one's passion is fashion, why tell them otherwise? People work too hard to discuss fashion in their own way. I certainly do my part with my non-traditional fashion blog. The only time someone should stop trying to discuss and showcase fashion is if the blog owner(s) decide to want to stop blogging about fashion. It shouldn't come down to a bunch of haters who feel every blog has to have great outfits all the time. Just like the best athletes and sports teams have forgettable performances and bad games, fashion bloggers have their best and worst outfits. Rather than spew hate on people, try encouraging them to do better and to keep posting. Encouraging others is much better than wanting to absolutely boycott a blog or a site just because you disagree with a vast majority of their styles. And if you do disagree with various styles, just stay away from their site and not waste your time giving the site in question an epic tongue lashing or trolling spree. It is surely sad in today's negative world that we don't have as many people who have heart and conscience for any number of things in this world. Yet, we always seem ready to fully attack almost anything we don't like with full force. So go easy on fashion bloggers you don't like! Really... go easy on almost anything or almost anyone- let alone fashion bloggers.

This commentary piece is over. Let me know what you think...

Of what importance do you think encouragement provides for fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers? What would you suggest people do if there are fashion/beauty blogs or styles people don't like?

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John Marine said...

Hello, John! First, let me say that you are definitely one of the most encouraging, insightful, and respectful readers I've ever had. I'm sure many other bloggers can attest the same about you. I appreciate your thoughful comments and your constructive advice--I admire how you make suggestions because I often think the community in general falls on the disingenuous, always-positive side, or the critical, unconstructive, hating side. I say that if there's something that bothers you, say it, but kindly and helpfully--not the way people on sites like GOMI to simply bash bloggers.

Another insightful and interesting post! Keep being such a positive influence in the blogging world!

John Marine said...

Thanks for this, John! I've been lucky that I haven't had to deal with a lot of haters, but I have seen them on others' blogs or social media sites, and I've never understood it. I definitely come from the school of giving people respect. I am free to turn away from a blog or not follow it if I don't like someone's style. Even when I adore someone's style, I don't necessarily love every outfit they post. And what they may love may seem like an off day to me, and vice versa with my own blog and style.

I think you are very encouraging and respectful in giving your opinions. Even when you don't favor something, you say so with respect and you acknowledge that it is your perspective, not the "truth" of fashion, if you will.

Great post!!


John Marine said...

Encouragement and haters are hard to go through. I think in time any blogger get a very thick skin and doesn't really pay attention to people like these. However I stopped posting on some online resources (local ones) because I was too tired of haters and haven't see any good in posting there. Talking about russians it's harder talking to russian average commenter mostly because they are negative all the time. Ones there was huge discussion if I am a girl or not. I still can't fully forget it nor understand how this discussion could have happened at all. You saw me - there is no chance!

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