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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flare Showcase

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(UPDATED: January 9, 2015)

Bell bottom jeans and pants are showcased in this blog post. So if you prefer skinny and slim bottoms, read some other "StyleSpace by JBM" post of mine because this post is all about various flared jeans and pants. Bootcut, flare, bell bottom... you name it, I will showcase them in this blog post. This post basically showcases flared jeans and flared pants based on various bloggers and various fashion communities. Actually, I've seen a lot of velvet bell bottom pants which inspired me to discuss various flared bottoms.

This is a different post from my "Flare Flair" post, which primarily discussed all flared items. This post is a showcase only on flared jeans and flared pants. Maybe I will discuss certain flared skirts in a future post. First post of 2015! Yay! Happy new year, everyone! :)

About the Label: "Showcase"

Posts under this label are showcases of certain looks, trends, or the like. The focus is primarily on showcasing as many different items as possible to describe certain trends, outfits, and more.


JAN 9 2015 - added some more online inspirations, added shopping section

--- Flare Showcase ---

Here is a showcase of flared jeans and flared pants. This picture will set the mood...

velvet bell bottoms
^ from: - Actually, velvet bell bottoms such as these inspired me to post this showcase on flared jeans and flared pants. I've noted a bunch of fashionistas sporting velvet bell bottom pants and decided to blog about them here.

flared jeans
^ from: - Get your loving of flares with jeans as well!

When you talk about various kinds of flared bottoms, there is a certain appeal to them which makes them fashionable. Many people adore flares for their hippie or their '70s appeal. The illusion of longer legs can be achieved with flared bottoms for petites. Some people enjoy the appeal of high-waist bottoms. And in my view, high-waist flare bottoms can be quite stylish. Even the curvy/plus-size set can enjoy the appeal flared jeans and pants provide. Some dislike flared bottoms because you can't see what shoes some people are wearing. While that can be true about flared bottoms, it can be very cool to hide a pair of wicked platform shoes under some flared jeans or pants. If you like tucking jean/pant legs into boots, you will have a tough time with that since you have to gather up the bottom half of these jeans or pants to try to put them into a tall pair of boots.

Outfit Visions with Flared Bottoms.

If I were to make an outfit using any kind of flared bottoms, I'd go with a yellow plaid shirt with some dark wash high-waist flared jeans. Fancy a romantic outfit? I'd probably consider a feminine top (maybe sleeveless) with some flared white jeans and some platform pumps or platform sandals. What if you're feeling sexy and daring? I would envision a cropped peasant top or a cropped tie-front top, then go with some flared jeans and either some platform wedge espadrilles or some other kind of platform or platform wedge shoes or sandals.

How Do You Like Your Flares?

Flare jeans and flare pants come in a different number of forms.

Bootcut bottoms offer the most modest flare of any kind of flared bottoms. These mild flares offer some visual illusion of elongated legs. The most common bootcut bottoms are often yoga pants, especially yoga pants with full legs. Various other jeans and pants may have bootcut legs to them for that extra bit of appeal down the leg.

• What has become popular is the so-called "skinny flare." To my understanding, these are flare bottoms that fit like skinny bottoms at the upper half, but the lower half of these bottoms offer a modest flare. So think of these as skinny jeans/pants that have flares to them. They are not entirely skinny; but then again, they are not really flares. A little of both is what these flared bottoms provide.

• A lot of regular flare jeans and pants have well-defined, voluminous flares. Most flares usually cover the lower legs and feet quite nicely. Some fashionistas may even be tempted to wear a wild pair of platform shoes or platform wedge shoes under flared jeans or pants. These flared bottoms offer a fun factor about as fun as wearing a big floppy hat.

• For those who adore extreme flares, bell bottoms are the way to go. They offer the greatest flare coverage. There are those who take even an existing pair of jeans or pants and add extra amounts of fabric to make their own bell bottom jeans or pants. Some bell bottom type bottoms offer a stylish and elegant appearance. Some others bells on bell bottoms, however, can really seem to consume and overwhelm your proportions. Extremely flared bottoms may not look so stylish on petites or on certain tall women.

[Some] Popular Flares of Late.

Here is a look at a few different popular bell bottoms by fashionistas. Links provided are for educational purposes...

• Skandl "Salem" Bellbottoms
The Skandl's "Salem" bell bottom pants have been worn by the likes of Rachel Lynch ("I Hate Blonde") and Eugenie (FERAL CREATURE). These are crochet bell bottom pants available either in black or beige. You can see what the Skandl Salem Bell Bottoms look like here: Skandl "Salem" Bellbottoms.

• PYLO Bell Bottoms
In a line that includes jeans and pants, PYLO has been pretty popular among fashionistas. Bell bottom jean offerings include a clean pair of high-waist bell bottom jeans. Various non-denim bell bottom pants include bell bottoms with funky patterns. The "Harley" bell bottoms from PYLO come in a variety of styles ranging from velvet bell bottoms to non-velvet styles. They also offer a delightful pair of high-waist bell bottoms as worn by a blogger of "Little Black Boots." Those denim bell bottoms are the "Gypsy" jeans from PYLO. These following links are examples of PYLO's flared offerings:

PYLO Harley Bells in Muse
PYLO Gypsy Denim Bellbottoms in Dylan
• And to see all of their bottoms (including the aforementioned bell bottom pants): Clothing - Bottoms - PYLO.

These are at least some of the more popular flared bottoms.

--- Flare Bottoms Around the Internet ---

This section features a variety of fashionable folks wearing flared bottoms of some kind. You are free to follow each blog if you enjoy their work. These have Blogger/Blogspot blogs as well as Wordpress blogs. So find some sort of way to follow their blogs if you enjoy their work. Anyhow... here is your blogging insight of flares, flares, and... more flares (some personalities may be featured more than once):

"Here Comes the Sun" (i hate blonde) « dark beige crochet bell bottom pants.
"levi's x feral creature" (FERAL CREATURE) « bell bottom Levi's jeans on Eugenie.
"crochet and bells" (FERAL CREATURE) « black bell bottom pants.
"Power of My Love" (A Walk in the Park) « velvet burgundy bell bottom pants.
"pylo x little black boots giveaway" (Little Black Boots) « high-waist flared jeans.
"Fall is in the Air" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « flared jeans with a leopard-print blouse.
"I love you, but" (I am Khatu) « white flared jeans.
"flare." (tuolomee) « modestly-flared jeans; a rare jeans outfit by this blogger.
"OOTD...danas sam nosila..." (a little place to call my own) « coral flare jeans.
"new look: Dark Rose" (Glam Fab Happy) « dark-wash flared jeans.
"new look: 'Burgundy on the Roof'" (Glam Fab Happy) « burgundy flared pants.
"Lace Cowboy" (gvozdiShe) « flared jeans with a chic cowboy outfit.
"About how I was a model for Juicy Couture, dreams and parallel worlds" (NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION) « a couple of outfits featuring some flared jeans.
"No substitutions." (Jag Lever) « bell bottom jeans.
"70s Gingham and Bell-Bottom Overalls" (Bowties and Caviar) « bell bottom overall/dungaree jeans. (ADDED: January 7, 2015)
"Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all" (FRIDAY NIGHT STYLE) « edgy outfit with blue velvet bell bottom pants with platform boots. (ADDED: January 7, 2015)

("bell bottom" search results on LOOKBOOK) « all "bell bottom" entries on LOOKBOOK.

Is that enough insight for you? Let's move on!

--- Flare Showcase: Final Thoughts ---

While there is nothing wrong with slim bottoms, flared bottoms have unique appeal. Taking cues and examples from the different personalities I linked to in this blog post, you can see that these flared jeans and pants are uniquely appealing and offer no shortage of charm. Some even love flared bottoms for the vintage and hippy/hippie appeal. No matter what the reason(s), there is something to love about flared jeans and flared pants. Many people see them simply as a refreshing change of pace from the various skinny and slim jeans and pants often seen. Be sure to proudly and confidently wear your flares- whether modest or extreme to the fullest!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This post is about the most relevant post of mine related to the topic of flared bottoms, and I talked about much more than just flared bottoms in this post. Take a look at it if you haven't already:

"Flare Flair" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ This post discusses flares in various garments.

Overalls (or Dungarees) (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ One of the blogging examples I posted involved someone who wore flared overalls/dungarees. To read more on overalls, click on the above link.

Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!"

--- Flares Online ---

(ADDED: January 9, 2015)
Want some flared jeans or pants (or at least one of each?), fashionistas? I've included this section just for you! Have a looka round and thanks for visiting! Your involvement here is voluntary- you do not have to use these items if you don't want to. I may add more material here in this section in the future. So stay tuned for updates.

For Bootcut (Jeans and Pants):

For Flare Jeans:

For Flare Pants:

For Bell Bottoms:

Happy shopping! :)

You are free to offer questions and comments. Or, you may even contribute to the discussion with questions like this one for you all:

What do you find most appealing about flared jeans and flared pants?

I am glad all of you found something to enjoy about my blog(s) and all the posts I make to my blogs. Again- I may talk about certain flared skirts in a future post. For now, I hope you enjoyed my showcase post regarding flared jeans and flared pants. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I love flare jeans, although I should wear them more often! The second pair looks great! Have a wonderful 2015! :X

John Marine said...

I enjoy ruffles on blouses and dresses, but I tend to like more exaggerated ruffles that make more of a statement. Less frilly/girly, more dramatic.


John Marine said...

I like the look. It's good for ultra casual days and gives your denim a little more interest.


John Marine said...

I really love flare jeans, but I haven't worn them much lately. Flared bottoms are starting to come back in vogue, so it will be nice to hopefully find more options in stores soon.


John Marine said...

I'm not sure what is it about them that I like so much...but I know I always love them. Both flare pants and bell bottom ones...I think they're really flattering and just so stylish.

The only down side to them is if you wear them while it's raining, like I did the other day, your legs will get soaking wet!

John Marine said...

lovely pants in fact. they don't fit each gal but in fact what does?


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