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Friday, February 13, 2015

Floral Rompers/Playsuits

John Marine | 12:57 AM | | |
(UPDATED: June 5, 2016)

Rompers/Playsuits are very fashionable. Floral rompers have been very most popular of rompers/playsuits. With Spring coming, nothing says Spring like flowers, and a great way to embrace warmer weather is with rompers. Combine the two, and you're talking about floral rompers. This blog post is about floral rompers, which are pretty popular especially among those who love rompers to begin with.

Because they are called either rompers or playsuits, I included both terms. I often use "romper/playsuit" in comments, though I will still use "romper" to describe this garment.


JUN 5 2016 - updated post, added some extra material

Floral Rompers/Playsuits

Here is a sample floral romper/playsuit to set the mood for this post:

floral romper playsuit
^ from: - Floral rompers are quite popular. Lots of fashionable types are wearing them, including flirty floral rompers like this one.

Unless you think rompers/playsuits are to be worn only by babies and kids, there is no denying the appeal of a romper. These one-piece shorts can range from cute to sexy. The hottest thing about today's rompers (especially short ones) is that they can be ridiculously short- almost as short as some mini dresses or some short dresses! Of course, you are covered in a romper, which is the most important thing. There may be sleeves ranging from short ones to long ones, even including bell sleeve or balloon sleeve types. Some may even be strapped rompers or strapless. The advent of rompers with floral prints are no doubt very girly and cute. Such floral rompers range in design from small flowers to elaborate and colorful floral prints. Only complaint about rompers many will agree with is that they can be inconvenient if you have to use the bathroom or something.

How you choose to style a romper- let alone a floral romper is up to you. Throw on a denim vest or a denim jacket to go with a floral romper. There are a number of fashionistas who pair floral rompers with cute flats or some chic sandals. Some even go with boots of various heights. Edgy fashionistas even dare wear While I don't think floral rompers look good with them, sneakers are sometimes paired with floral rompers. No matter what, floral rompers surely provide sweet style depending on how you style them.

Floral Rompers/Playsuits Around the Internet

Do you want to see what floral rompers look like and how others style them? Take a look at how these fashionistas rock floral rompers. Descriptions of each item are featured along with the actual blog post itself. Some personalities may appear more than once:

"Last Sunshine" (Preppy Fashionist) « a beautiful bell-sleeve floral romper.
"Flower Power" (Preppy Fashionist) « a cute and flirty floral romper.
"Floral Romper" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a black floral romper.
"Fall Garden" (The Haute Blonde) « a strapless floral romper with ankle boots.
"Motel Rocks My World" (Hapa Time) « a black floral romper.
"Deerland Beach!" (Nany's Klozet) « a denim blue floral romper with oxford shoes.
"In Bloom" (KirstyDoll) « a floral romper paired with platform sandals.
"Garden Fresh" (by details) « a strapless floral romper with a long vest.
"Romp-Fall" (whatever is lovely) « a black, yet colorful floral romper with chic booties.
"Sky's the Limit" (Thirstythought) « a floral romper that looks that more like an A-Line/skater dress.
"Love Clothing" (Camille Tries to Blog) « a floral romper paired with a floral blazer.
"Floral Romper" (WILDFIRE STYLED) « a floral romper with a somewhat deep neckline.
"introducing...the beatrice." (tuolomee) « a black floral romper with a long dress feel.
"Floral Romper" (My White T) « an off-white floral romper with blue floral details.

And for various other floral rompers...
"floral romper" on LOOKBOOK « floral romper outfits on LOOKBOOK.

This is an old video, but here is one lady wearing several floral rompers. I personally like all of them... especially the last one:

^ "Fun with Rompers"

So as you can see, there are quite a few fashionable femmes who wear floral rompers.

Floral Rompers: Final Thoughts

Nothing wrong with rompers/playsuits. Nothing wrong with floral prints. Nothing wrong with floral rompers. So go wear these proudly. The girly appeal and charm of floral rompers make them the finest garment for warmer weather along with the most popular style for rompers. Embrace Spring with a stylish romper dress with floral patterns! You got my approval on these.

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Thank you for your time. You may participate in the next section or skip it entirely. It is completely voluntary (meaning you don't have to participate if you don't want to).

Floral Rompers Online

If you love rompers/playsuits and floral rompers (more relevant to this post), feel free to do a little online shopping. Here are some floral rompers that just might interest you:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Your dream floral romper MAY be in this item:

Other Sources...

Many more floral rompers could be found online with these resources. The intended audience(s) are Juniors/Young Adults up to Women, but you may find some items for other audiences outside of the target audience:

floral rompers on Amazon
floral rompers on eBay
floral rompers on Shopbop
floral rompers on NORDSTROM
floral rompers on
floral rompers on Forever 21
floral rompers on Charlotte Russe
floral rompers on Nasty Gal

Happy shopping! Thanks for supporting my work and getting involved! :)

It's time for your opinion. Here's the discussion question if you care to interact with me here:

Regardless of if you like rompers/playsuits or not, what do you think about floral rompers?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the various commentaries provided. That's all for this one. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I love jumpsuits and rompers! I actually have like 5 of them! I like the floral one in the picture! Have a good week start! :X

John Marine said...

I love floral jumpsuits. I personally don't like wearing shorts, so I'm not a fan of rompers, but I think they are cute on others!!


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