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Monday, March 2, 2015

Quilted Fashions

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Quilted designs on leather can be quite a stylish touch. The little diamond touches look very nice to me with various garments and accessories. These details will be mentioned and profiled in this blog post. What do you think about quilted details on various fashions? You're going to get a heaping helping of quilted details in this "StyleSpace by JBM" post. Welcome to my stylish space! :)

--- Quilted Details ---

Some of you may own something that is quilted. You may even own a quilt. You may have even made quilts. What happens, though, when you apply quilted designs to various fashions? You get various quilted fashions. They can add a good amount of personality to an outfit or various garments. Personally to me, quilting looks wonderful on various feminine garments, especially boots and handbags. Quilting can also look great on other garments, as you will see in the pictures below this opening paragraph...

Quilted Fashion.

Let me show you some quilted garments. All pictures are provided for educational purposes.

quilted boots
^ from: - These riding boots have a quilted design to them, which adds to their appeal. I had a tough time trying to pick a chic pair of boots for this section because I wanted to impress my female audience with a hot pair of quilted boots to kick off this post (see what I did there?).

quilted sheepskin boots
^ from: - There are even sheepskin boots with quilted details, such as these boots you see here.

quilted flats
^ from: - Quilted flats can be as cute as their non-quilted counterparts.

quilted handbag
^ from: - A quilted handbag looks more interesting than if there were no quilted design.

quilted jacket
^ from: - This is a quilted jacket. And in case you're wondering, this is a men's quilted jacket. So you can say that quilting isn't exclusively feminine.

quilted coat
^ from: - Finally for this post is a quilted coat.

See what quilting can do from the examples I provided? I actually think quilting is a wonderful touch to a number of outfits. I certainly think it's great seeing certain feminine goods designed with quilting details. I've seen one woman wear a fabulous pair of brown riding boots that had some quilted details along with some sweet metallic accents and buckles. A fashionista can really look and feel fabulous with something attention-grabbing quite like quilted items.

That is what I think about quilted fashions. What say you? You can shop for some quilted items online in the next section. Or, you can skip it entirely and go to the conclusion. Either way, thank you for spending your time here in my fashion blog.

--- Quilted Fashions Online ---

Are you interested in getting some quilted items online? I can help you with these items and links. Your participation with this section is voluntary.:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Resources...

More quilted items:

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Happy shopping! :)

Offer your thoughts...

What do you think about quilted accents on fashions?

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John Marine said...

I think quilting accents on clothes and accessories can be quite cute, and I have several pieces that are quilted. I especially love quilted bags because I think they make non-leather bags look a little more expensive and better quality.


John Marine said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement, John. It really means a lot to have such supportive people online.

I also agree that quilting makes pieces more luxe. I love those black quilted rider boots, but think that the quilted bearpaw boots are an odd combo since it's a juxtaposition of a super-casual style with a more formal and luxe texture. To each their own though!

Hoping all is well with you!

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