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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fashion Rainbow!

John Marine | 12:50 AM | |
I always wanted to do this. Even in the days before creating "StyleSpace by JBM," I wanted to showcase fashion by color. This post showcases fashion based on colors of the rainbow. Each section features one color of the rainbow and various fashionable folks wearing certain colors.


This blog post was envisioned a LONG time ago. I had it planned for "John's Blog Space" long ago. I've decided now to feature this on "StyleSpace by JBM." So many of the featured posts may be quite old, and some may feature blogs that haven't been updated in a long while. I added some newer posts to feature to explain the points expressed in this blog post.

All pictures provided for each color is for educational purposes. Hover your cursor over each item to learn the name of each item as I researched the topic.

--- Fashion Rainbow! How This Post Works ---

This blog post is a just for fun deal regarding certain fashion posts online. The main point regards fashion items or looks primarily regarding a certain color. I will feature some blog posts from other fashion blogs along with a healthy array of pictures to demonstrate each featured color. This will allow you to get a little colorful inspiration from the aforementioned bloggers. Have a look at each site and follow those blogs if you love their work.

How This Post Works.

Meet ROY G. BIV. He's a colorful fellow:

^ from: (best I could find) - Here is just a simple rainbow to set the mood for this blog post.

ROY tells me his name stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. This blog post is a colorful look at fashion. And because we're talking about fashion based on colors of the rainbow, several colors will NOT be discussed here. Only seven colors matter here:


So unfortunately, no colors like black, gray, white, brown, pink, or anything like that will be featured. The criteria here is on any of the seven colors of the rainbow. Some bloggers may be featured more than once for one color or even for multiple colors.


Do you want to see one of your posts featured here? If you have a fashion blog post you want me to feature, and if it's relevant, feel free to contact me. Contact me via E-mail. I may feature your post in my blog if I like it! You're doing a service to my other readers by having your material featured here. It also helps to improve the credibility of my work.

Let's begin this colorful showcase!

--- Fashion Rainbow: Red ---

fashion red
^ from: - "Loving him was red..." uh, red is no doubt a hot color. It is a sizzling color that makes a statement. And of course... what doesn't say "hot and empowering" like a pair of red high-heel pumps?

Among females, I usually say that a female "radiates in red" when wearing red. Red is a hot color. Most people often associate red with lipstick and even with shoes. A good number of people often find something hot about red high-heel pumps. It is a good way to make a statement without saying anything. What girl (using "girl" loosely) doesn't lust over a pair of red high-heel pumps or a sexy pair of Louboutin heels with the red soles? Red can also be ambitious for hair color. Whether having red hair naturally, having red highlights, or going all red with your hair; a lot can be said about going with red.

Red can also be a color associated with love and romance.

Some of my favorite red colors are Candy Red, Cherry Red, and even Crimson. Let see how some bloggers wear red!

Red Inspirations.

"For it is May" (I am Khatu) « a bright red coat.
"OOTD - Red Birds" (Cupcake's Clothes) « a red dress with white bird accents.
"Take That Woman on Down to New Orleans" (Keiko Lynn) « a red blouse.
"Look: Red" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « many red garments and colors.
"A Little Christmas Tale" (FETISH TOKYO) « a red skirt and red pumps with many black accents.
"Better Than a Sequel" (My White T) « a cropped top and long high-waist skirt, both red.
"Cat eye" (Miss Aggie Kwong) « a bright red dress.
"Happy Valentine's Day" (Fashion) « a very lovely red skater dress.
"Birthday Girl" (Hapa Time) « a gorgeous red dress.
"Red Carpet Christmas" (Addict be Iconic) « a glamourous red dress.
"Red" (Imperfect Idealist) « a casual red dress.
"Little Red Jumpsuit" (With Love From Kat) « a red jumpsuit.
"Color and Confidence: Red" (Style Cassentials) « a red dress. Also, other red outfits from the blogger are featured.
"Nautical Burgundy OOTD" (Chamber of Beauty....) « a burgundy outfit consisting of a hat, a blazer, and tights among red elements.

(red outfits on LOOKBOOK) « red outfits on LOOKBOOK.

More red inspiration may come in future edits, so stay tuned!

--- Fashion Rainbow: Orange ---

fashion orange
^ from: - Get your fill of Vitamin C and other benefits with orange. Orange is a fiery color between red and yellow.

I drink orange juice at least once a day, but orange can also be tasty in fashion. Orange, though, is a bit uncommon for me unless the occasion is Halloween. I consider orange as a tasty fashion influence when orange is paired with tan or beige because it has a peanut butter tone to it. Orange is the only color I really accept as far as rainbow colors for lipstick besides red.

Orange Inspirations.

"Skaring Skirt and Sketchbook Swirls" (imperfect idealist) « an orange sweater.
"Lookbook: H and M burnt orange skirt" (Stylish Petite) « a Burnt Orange skirt.
"A Crave For..." (Miss Kwong) « orange loafers.
"Rompered!" (Lynne Gabriel) « an orange romper.
"Color and Confidence: Orange" (Style Cassentials) « orange outfits worn by the blogger, includes other orange outfits by the blogger.
"New Look: Orange Light and Gray Sky" (Glam Fab Happy) « an orange sweater complimenting a scarf and skirt outfit.
"Spring Forward" (snapped by gracie) « an orange sleeveless top.
"How to Style an Elegant Valentine's Day Outfit" (Color and Grace) « orange lipstick.

(orange outfits on LOOKBOOK) « orange outfits on LOOKBOOK.

You may see some more orange outfits if I find some more worth featuring here.

--- Fashion Rainbow: Yellow ---

fashion yellow
^ from: - Brighten up your wardrobe with yellow! Yellow can be a great color to wear, especially in warm weather.

Yellow is one of those colors that really screams warm weather to me. It is a color very much in style for warm weather times. It is a color that can be worn on a hot day with some hot clothes. This may include yellow swimsuits, yellow espadrilles, yellow tank tops, yellow short shorts, or anything like that. It is also a nice color for accessories. I've seen many yellow necklaces and bracelets worn by ladies. Commonly, I'd see bright yellow tops paired with white pants or white jeans. Yellow is also a very positive color. So if you are someone who thinks and dresses positively, yellow is a color you may consider wearing.

Yellow can be a lovely color even if it isn't hot. Take Disney beauties Snow White and Belle (of Beauty and the Beast). Both wear yellow. Snow White wears an outfit with a butter yellow skirt while Belle boasts a beautiful yellow dress.

Yellow Inspirations.

"mustard" (.a little princess.) « mustard yellow cardigan and mustard yellow wedge sandals.
"No.. It's Not a Bee..." (.a little princess.) « two outfits with a lemon yellow top.
"Color and Confidence: Yellow" (Style Cassentials) « the blogger shares outfits where she wears yellow.
"New Look: Yellow and Navy" (Glam Fab Happy) « yellow tie-front top and yellow sandals.
"My Wonderland" (Shopaholic vs. Fashionista) « a yellow dress with black accents.
"The golden dress" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « a golden yellow gown.

(yellow outfits on LOOKBOOK) « yellow outfits on LOOKBOOK.

You can be sure I'll feature some more yellow items in future edits.

--- Fashion Rainbow: Green ---

fashion green
^ from: - It's okay to be green with envy. After all, green does that to people.

With green being the middle color of the rainbow, green is often considered a cool color. Green is often associated with nature. You certainly want to wear your green when it's St. Patrick's Day. Please note that green in this blog post does NOT pertain to eco-friendly fashion. I am talking about green as in the color green. I am not really into green much. Olive Green is a common green color. Not too long ago, Army Green was trendy as a color. You'll still see a number of people sport green camouflage. It is now time to see how other people wear green. These days, Mint Green has been trending. No matter what green you are into, I am hopeful you'll get your green fix here.

Green Inspirations.

"Color and Confidence: Green" (Style Cassentials) « the blogger shares her green outfits and outfits where she wears green.
"New Look: Green Green Grass" (Glam Fab Happy) « a green bolero, a green necklace, and a green dress.
"Mermaid" (BellQees) « three outfits with green accents to them.
"Green Belted and a Link Up!" (Jersey Girl Texan Heart) « a green coat complimenting a mostly blue outfit.
"No look tons de verde" (Blog da Lè-Moda e Estilo) « a green sleeveless top.
"The Class Act" (Sensible Stylista) « a dark green dress.

(green outfits on LOOKBOOK) « green outfits on LOOKBOOK.

There's some loving for you green lovers out there!

--- Fashion Rainbow: Blue ---

fashion blue
^ from: - Beautifully blue. Welcome to my favorite color!

Anyone who knows me knows that blue is my favorite color. Blue is one of the official colors of John's Blog Space as well as some of my other online work. There are actually two blues that make up my official colors. The darker blue is Sapphire Blue, and the lighter blue is True Blue (formerly called Royal Blue). A clear day's sky is blue. Waters are blue. Blue is commonly associated with denim in fashion. Besides denim blue, colors like teal and turquoise are often common in fashion. Turquoise is an earthen blue color common among Bohemian chic. I have also seen the color combination of a very bright blue paired with brown. I've personally never really understood this color combination. Blue colors such as Electric Blue and Cobalt Blue are also popular among fashionable types. In addition, don't forget about Aqua Blue. If this is a color you want to rock, be sure to find as many ways to be fashionably true blue.

You would think that since I love blue, that I shouldn't disappoint in finding blue fashion items. So...

Blue Inspirations.

"Sucre Bleu!" (My Own Private Xanadu) « a blue dress as part of a colorful outfit.
"color outside the lines: OOTD and a Style Challenge!" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a dark blue one-shoulder dress.
"Blue Ruffles" on My Silk Fairytale « a blue ruffled dress.
"I'm wearing blue, but I'm not feeling blue because I love wearing vintage" (Lucy and The Runaways) « a royal blue shirt.
"OOTD: Blue and Comfy" (Plumpy's Indulgences) « a blue top, blue earrings, and blue sandals.
"Color and Confidence: Blue" (Style Cassentials) « blue outfits by the blogger.
"Feeling Blue" (Pale Division) « a dress outfit decked out in blue.
"MBFWR: Day 5." (Inside and Outside) « the blogger wears an almost entirely blue outfit.
"White Roses" (bonnie_blog) « a blue blazer and a blue hat.

(blue outfits on LOOKBOOK) « blue outfits on LOOKBOOK.

I may find more blue to keep you interested in future edits. Stay tuned, players! :)

--- Fashion Rainbow: Indigo ---

fashion indigo
^ from: - Indigo is a middle ground between blue and violet. More commonly, this is territory for very dark blue jeans.

Here is a fact- I can be very picky with blue colors. What I may think is blue may actually be indigo. Indigo is often an in-between color of blue and violet. Indigo is more associated and more common with jeans than almost any other type of garment. Certain dark wash jeans have an indigo blue color. For trouser jeans or certain kinds of denim, indigo is a good color if you want to wear blue, but without wearing black. Indigo hues are a very deep blue as well as having violet.

Indigo Inspirations.

Don't expect too many inspirations here. In fact...

"About how I was a model for Juicy Couture, dreams and parallel worlds" (NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION) « indigo blue jeans worn by the blogger.

(indigo outfits on LOOKBOOK) « indigo outfits on LOOKBOOK.

Unfortunately, I can't find too many blog posts from blogs I follow (or from others) that feature indigo. Perhaps in future posts, I will add some material here.

--- Fashion Rainbow: Violet (or Purple) ---

fashion violet or purple
^ from: - With violet, you are moving away from blue and indigo, but also pushing towards red.

To be consistent with the colors of the rainbow, I will use "violet" rather than purple. Purple is one of two official colors for my racing/driving game blog, "John's Race Space." Commonly in fashion, I've seen violet tights to accompany an all-black look. The 2014 Pantone color was Radiant Orchid, which is a rather powerful violet color. There are a number of ways to dress up in violet. I would probably prefer violet for leggings, tights, or dresses.

Violet/Purple Inspirations.

"purpppleee" on .a little princess. a violet shirt.
"Desafio: mexa-se!" (Fofoleca) « purple top as part of an active outfit.
"onetwothree" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a violet dress.
"Barefoot in the Park" (imperfect idealist) « a prom-type violet dress.
"Purple Peplum Oh Peplum" (Lynne Gabriel) « a formal-type purple peplum dress.
"Color and Confidence: Purple" (Style Cassentials) « violet-colored outfits from the blogger.

(purple outfits on LOOKBOOK) « purple outfits on LOOKBOOK.

Here is one more section...

--- Fashion Rainbow! - Honorable Mention ---

If you noticed in the featured posts, there was a common theme of Cassandra's "Color and Confidence" series which highlighted on the different rainbow colors. So if you want to see them all again, here is an Honorable Mention of this series:

Cassandra's "Color and Confidence" Series:
"Color and Confidence: Red" (Style Cassentials)
"Color and Confidence: Orange" (Style Cassentials)
"Color and Confidence: Yellow" (Style Cassentials)
"Color and Confidence: Green" (Style Cassentials)
"Color and Confidence: Blue" (Style Cassentials)
"Color and Confidence: Purple" (Style Cassentials)

I guess I should honor Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" for going with the colors of the rainbow and putting together a host of great outfits. Always remember- I don't just feature bloggers just so I can generate traffic and engage in some SEO crap (because let's face it... the only people who regularly contact me are those who want to conversate with me about boosting my SEO (search engine optimization). As if they are the ONLY people who contact me, and most of them are spammers anyways). You can follow ANY blogger I feature granted the blog is still around and that people can actually interact and connect with the content. So if you find "Style Cassentials" to be a great blog, then please follow that blog any others that interest you.

Special Request/Challenge!

One person I know of put together outfits using almost every color of the rainbow. Can YOU put together different outfits using each of the seven colors of the rainbow like Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" did? Feel free to showcase your style using all these colors and maybe let me know of what outfits you put together. Just remember- the outfit has to be mostly dominated or mostly feature a specific color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or purple)).

Indigo can be tough since it is mostly an in-between color of blue and violet. So you may or may not skip indigo unless you have a good indigo outfit in mind.

That concludes this just-for-fun fashion blog post. Let me ask you...

Which color of the rainbow is your favorite, and can you put together any outfits in that favorite rainbow color? Are there any colors of the rainbow you like and enjoy putting outfits together with? Could you possibly create seven different outfits using seven different colors of the rainbow?

I've been wanting to make this post for a few years. I have no finally posted this topic for all to enjoy. This topic had to be edited quite a lot since it was such an old blog post just sitting in my PC's memory. Anyhow, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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