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Hijab Fashion

This blog post highlights on Hijab fashion. When you open yourself to the world, you tend to open yourself to new places and new cultures. So I decided to open "StyleSpace by JBM" to Hijab fashion for this blog post. The post is mostly a digest rather than something truly detailed. I am not in any way properly educated on certain Middle Eastern culture deals or anything. What I will do, however, is provide this blog post to discuss Hijab fashion and introduce Hijab fashion to my reading masses.


If you want factual information on Hijab, please read this Wikipedia entry on Hijab. This post only focuses on the fashion aspects of Hijab.

--- Hijab Fashion ---

I had to do a fair amount of research for this topic so that I don't provide any serious misinformation. I am going to need some help from loyal audience members in case I've screwed something up here.

The way I've understood Hijab fashion is primarily that of dressing modestly as well as acting modestly. There are lots of religious and social undertones regarding Hijab chic as well; but since I am not as educated on those matters, I won't discuss those here in this blog post. One religious undertone I'll make note of is in dressing in Hijab in obedience to Allah. A key element of Hijab relates to hiding parts of the body. The most important thing to make note of is that Hijab is NOT a fashion lifestyle. It isn't a fashion statement much like Bohemian chic (for example). I am not introducing Hijab fashion style as a means of giving fashionistas ideas. Nor am I introducing Hijab fashion as any trend (because it isn't). I am merely introducing Hijab fashion here basically for discussion and education. It is just an expansion of the range of topics I offer here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

You can dress casually with Hijab as well as with some more classy pieces. The key word through my own research of this topic is modesty. So therefore, nothing like ripped jeans, offensive/suggestive messages and designs, midriff-baring, or anything like that is worn by those sporting Hijab. The same also applies to not wearing super-tight clothes. Hijab chic is about modesty. I have seen online some very classy-dressed females sporting Hijab style. These range from beautiful individual pieces to various vibrant colors. The way some outfits are put together make them very beautiful to the eyes, at least to me.

I have come across a number of different fashionable ladies whom wear Hijab styles on LOOKBOOK and even through blogging. Perhaps the first was a blogging friend of mine named Hoda. I then later came across a beautiful blogger who runs "BellQees." I'll introduce you to some personalities later in this blog post.

--- Hijab Fashion: Individual Pieces ---

Here are some individual pieces of Hijab chic. Some of these items may appear in individual future posts on "StyleSpace by JBM." Have a look (All pictures provided are offered for educational purposes):

The Pashmina.

Hijab pashmina
^ from: www.amazon.com - The Pashmina is a staple of Hijabi chic. This one has floral designs on it.

A staple of Hijab fashion is the Pashmina. This is the headscarf worn to cover a woman's hair.

The Abaya.

Hijab Abaya
^ from: alzefaf.com - This lovely dress is called an abaya.

An abaya is sort of the staple outfit for Hijab fashion as much as the qipao dress is for Chinese women. They are immensely modest. Just like saris/sarees, abayas can be worn either casually or formally. Some abayas are usually worn more like long tunics- mostly worn over jeans or pants outfits.

The Underscarf (or Bonnet Cap).

Hijab Underscarf of Bonnet Cap
^ from: www.inayahcollection.com - This is an example of an underscarf.

In my research of this topic, I get the impression that the underscarf is more like a complimentary scarf to go with a basic scarf.

The Neck Cover.

Hijab neck cover
^ from: www.amazon.com - A neck cover can be a great accessory for which the Hijabi fashionista can cover up the top of certain tops and dresses with deep necklines.

Someone sporting Hijab can wear neck covers to cover up certain low-cut blouses or revealing dresses.

And that is basically a brief amount of the usual traditional items and usual items of Hijab chic.

--- Hijab Fashion Around the Internet ---

Here is some insight from various personalities:

"The Veil...Unveiled: Why I Choose to Cover My Hair" (JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird) « more information on Hijab.
"Chic Outfits for the Modern Hijabi" (BellQees) « modern and chic Hijab-friendly outfits.

("Hijab" search results on LOOKBOOK) « Hijab outfits on LOOKBOOK.

"Makeup-Masterful Hijabis Who Prove Modesty Is Anything but Boring" (POPSUGAR) « A piece regarding beauty of Hijab.

I will be sure to add more resources. There was one blogger I wanted to feature, but that one blog had some kind of redirect that is a distraction. So I didn't include one certain blog.

--- Hijab Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

I presented this blog post because I want to expand the range of fashion discussion in my blog posts. There is importance to me in offering a blog about anything and everything regarding fashion and in including a topic like this one. Religion is NOT a topic I discuss a lot or focus on. I am hopeful I can improve this post for visitors so more people get a factual and respectful view on the matter discussed here.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is about the only other post even remotely relevant to concepts expressed in this post. Take a look at it for more:

"Modest Dressing" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Revealing isn't always the way to go. This blog post is all about modest dressing, like some of the concepts of Hijab fashion.

Last Call...

People, if you can help make my post on Hijab fashion better with some more factual material, please contact me and let me know of any changes I should make. The main goal in the end is to provide a quality blog post enjoyable and useful in regards to this topic. So please provide me some help if there are certain things I can add to help make this post more useful.

That concludes this post for the most part.

I hope you all now have a little perspective on Hijab fashion. I offered this in an educational manner and made sure to include as much factual material as possible. Go ahead and Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed your time here and if you enjoyed my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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