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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Being "Fake"

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Being called "fake" is something models or fashion bloggers hate being considered or called. Someone who puts together a truthful and real outfit and exhibits oneself naturally isn't fake at all. You certainly know there are those who will look to disgrace anyone whom they deem "fake." They will do things like make distasteful comments, set up fake online profiles, and things like that- all in an effort to make someone feel absolutely miserable. Some feel all personalities should be real in their fashion style, their looks, and their personality. Those who fail to live up to those standards are the ones who will constantly get heckled by others. Those who express themselves however they choose- evn at the expense of being considered fake- frankly couldn't care less. So where do you draw the line between being real and being fake in looks? This blog post is about the struggle of being as real as possible, even if certain people think one's beauty is fake.

Being "Fake."

Every fashion blogger and fashion model is unique in their own way. They express their style in their own way. Such things equal a summary of one's style. While I don't want to name any specific people, there have been some ladies I am fond of whom have been thought of by others as fake or copy other peoples' styles. I don't necessarily spend time wondering if someone's beauty is real or artificial. I don't question if someone would actually wear certain outfits confidently in public or in any real-world happenings. There are still people who will look to certain individuals as if they are fake. Whether or not one should care if someone's fashion style is real or fake is if you have a certain preference towards real fashion and real people. And in the case of fashion bloggers, there are some who put behind certain stories and opinions on outfits. Some people are rather realistic connecting outfits with certain personal stories and experiences. You certainly can't consider someone to be fake if someone pours their heart and such into each post.

There IS, however, one case where you can make the case one's beauty is fake- if someone participated in various photo shoots where images are doctored to where someone looks even more amazing than he/she really is. Airbrushed or photoshopped beauties certainly draw disappointment among various audiences. Imagine not being attractive enough to where someone modifies your image to where you actually look appealing outside of how you really look. You can then make a case where one's beauty is artificial and conclude someone's looks are actually fake.

Okay. So let's say someone does put together certain outfits just for camera fodder. Just to draw attention. Does that mean the blogger/model is fake, or is that person showcasing his/her beauty in his/her own unique way? Or does it mean that (maybe) the person loves dressing and looking a certain manner outside of how someone really looks? Could an overly seductive woman have lots of body shapers and other secret stuff to look as sexy as she does? No matter what, this is a real loaded subject with many different gray areas.

My Final Thoughts.

All I can say is just be yourself. Showcase your style in your own special way regardless of what anyone thinks. Everyone is going to have lovers and haters. Everyone within fashion will have people think you don't really wear real clothes for real situations. Some others even will think you have too wear too many artificial items to look even more appealing than you are without them (such as an abundance of makeup). Better being yourself than being somebody you are not. Especially in the case of fashion, only YOU express what you want to express in fashion. Even if there are parts of an outfit I hate or don't like all that much, at least you express yourself the way you want to express yourself. I may cringe at things like certain piercings or certain details I dislike, but even I don't seriously discriminate against if someone is being real with fashion. That alone is enough convincing that you are not in any way fake, even if others may somehow think you are fake. So be yourself and don't let any would-be haters get to you.

This post is over. I'd like to know what you think...

How can you really conclude if someone's looks are fake? How can you really consider one to be fake? Or does it really matter to you if someone is real or fake?

Go ahead and start a discussion here if you are inclined. I always want my topics and posts to be shared. I do what I can to contribute to the fashion blog realm with blog posts like these. Subscribe and Follow if you enjoy my work. And maybe if there are topics you want to see me discuss in the future for any of my blogs, contact me with your ideas, and I may use them if I can make a decent post about a certain topic or topics. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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