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Minimalism (or Minimalist) Fashion

I can't explain minimalist fashion professionally, so I may need help from my more educated fashion audience. Minimalism is all about looking stylish without relying on powerful garments or accessories. This may sound boring to some fashionable types, but being stylish without statement pieces or anything flamboyant is a win for the minimalist. I am not educated properly on fashion. There are certain topics try to avoid because I avoid because I don't know enough about them to discuss them. Minimalism in fashion is one of those topics. I am, however, willing to learn to help make my material more presentable to others.

Part of me posting on "StyleSpace by JBM" is about posting on various fashion-related topics. As much as I know about fashion, I am always continually learning. I want to make a unique fashion blogging experience different from most traditional fashion blogs. I don't post for me- I post for all of you. So help me to be better so I can provide the best fashion blogging experience for people worldwide. As you read this, please remember... it has been very difficult for me to discuss this topic because I am not as educated about minimalist fashion enough to professionally discuss it.

--- Minimalism: As I Understand It ---

The way I understand minimalism is that as opposed to wearing things overly bold and flashy, you are wearing simple pieces and putting together simple looks that are every bit as stylish as any loaded outfit.

Here is an analogy... as well as some random facts about myself. I can find beauty in simplicity. Cars that some people think are boring looking, I find something beautiful about them. Some things don't need to be flamboyant and brash just to draw attention or be worthy of attention. So is the case with minimalism. Minimalist fashion is about making the most of your looks without wearing too much. How big can you go with so little? Can you make simplicity chic? Another thing to note is that minimalism isn't exclusive to feminine fashion- there are even ways to sport minimalist fashion for males as well with simple outfits and pieces.

Here are some resources to gain some more understanding of minimalist fashion:

Spring 2015 Fashion Trend: Minimalist (Because Less Is More When It Comes to Style)
15 Ways You Know You're a Calvin Klein Minimalist
15 Moments in Minimalist Fashion History

Maybe this will help you all a bit in understanding minimalist fashion.

--- Minimalism: Final Thoughts ---

The "less is more" approach to fashion seems boring to a lot of people. However, knowing that you don't have to deck yourself out with statement pieces or overly bold and brash garments and touches can still make you look fabulous. Simple pieces and simple touches all make minimalism the attractive exercise that it is.

This topic was still difficult for me to explain and introduce because I don't know about minimalism to professionally discuss it in my blog. So why did I go through the trouble of posting about something I am not educated properly about? Simple- even with things I may not understand, I want to properly understand certain things I may not be as educated about. Remember that I have no formal fashion training. Since when have I declared myself to be any sort of fashion expert? And anything I surely don't know about I just simply make mention to. I actually chose to discuss minimalism as best as I could and in a way that I understand it.

Even if there is something in fashion I don't understand (or any topic for that matter), I at least want to present something in a professional and understandable light because I prefer making material that someone can look up and get from a tasteful perspective. I've probably failed at discussing minimalism in fashion and all that makes it appealing to most people more qualified at discussing fashion. On a brighter end, at least this is a chance for you loyal readers to help make my posts better by providing quality material that I can use to better discuss and educate others on certain topics. So please be sure to offer your help to make this blog (and my other blogs) better.

That is all for this post.

Are you a fan of minimalist fashion? How do you express minimalist fashion, and how would you explain minimalist fashion to others?

There may be some topics I am not educated about. There may be certain fashion styles I am or am not fond of. No matter what, my blog attempts to bridge various aspects of fashion in a non-traditional way. Maybe my inability to properly discuss minimalism in fashion shows the level of skill and experience I have in fashion. But look at it like this... most people would probably discuss a topic like this in a way that benefits no one. I do provide content for entertainment value, but I feel the need to provide educational value with my own work in addition to making it entertaining. Regardless, I still want to contribute to the fashion blog realm with my own voice and thoughts.

Regardless of whether you appreciate or dislike my efforts, I'm thankful you visited my blog and read its posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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