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Friday, June 26, 2015

Chelsea Boots

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Chelsea boots are ankle boots with low or nearly flat heels. They are not named after my blogging friend Chelsea of "She Said He Said," but they are named after the Chelsea area of London and have been named that since the 1950s. Despite the feminine-sounding name, males and females wear Chelsea boots. The history of these boots go back to the Victorian era and back as far as 1851. This blog post is a look at Chelsea boots. Welcome to my non-traditional fashion blog, "StyleSpace by JBM!"

A Special Hello...

Special hello to my visitors named Chelsea or have some variation of the name (such as "Chelsee" or "Chelsey"). Hello also to you all who may be from the Chelsea area of London.

--- Chelsea Boots ---

Here is a pair of Chelsea boots to demonstrate what I am discussing here:

Chelsea boots
^ from: - Here is a basic pair of Chelsea boots.

Most Chelsea boots have chunky low or nearly flat heels to them. These are a pair of boots that can comfortably be worn with a number of casual outfits or some chic outfits. Many Chelsea boots don't have laces to them. A lot of them come in leather, but there are also suede versions of these boots. I think these are more comfortable boots to wear rather than anything purely chic. Some feminine Chelsea boots have rather high heels to them, almost

In a way, you can say that Chelsea boots are like an boot alternative to sneakers or oxford shoes. About as chic an outfit to pair Chelsea boots with would probably be a male outfit of pairing a pair of leather Chelsea boots with a stylish-button down shirt and jeans. On the feminine side, while I don't care much for them, boyfriend jeans would go pretty well with a pair of Chelsea boots.

--- Chelsea Boots: Final Thoughts ---

If you want an extravagant pair of boots that could be great to wear with almost anything, Chelsea boots may not be for you. These boots are fairly comfortable and pretty casual. Some of these boots can be a bit more chic. So if you have yourself some more stylish and chic Chelsea boots, do not hesitate on the opportunity to pair them with more dressy outfits. The cool factor of Chelsea boots lie in their low profile. The fact that Chelsea boots are unisex means that both males and females can enjoy the appeal and charm Chelsea boots have to offer.

As for what I think about them, I'm okay with Chelsea boots. I am not overly in love with them or anything. They're alright to me.

That's it for this blog post. Check out the next section if you want to get yourself some Chelsea boots, or skip it entirely and move on to the following section.

--- Chelsea Boots Online ---

Your involvement is voluntary here. If you want to get yourself some Chelsea boots after having read this post, I can help you with a number of resources and links. So please look around with these resources I've provided:


Come and get your Chelsea boots!

Other Sources...

Here are some other places for you to get some Chelsea boots. The majority of links feature Chelsea boots for both males and females.

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Chelsea boots on

Happy shopping! :)

That's it for this post. Feel free to discuss and share, including answering questions like this one:

Are you a fan of Chelsea boots? How would you style them?

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