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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fashion and Bicycles

John Marine | 11:39 PM |
(UPDATED: August 21, 2015)

Some fashionable types like bicycles. So for this blog post, I am showcasing various bloggers who ride with style. You'll see an outfit post and some bicycles. That's all this post is about. I will be sure to add more links should I find more interesting blog posts of fashion bloggers and their bicycles. Even if they no longer own the bicycles, I still want to make this showcase post on "StyleSpace by JBM" to showcase the unique appeal of adding bicycles to outfit posts.


When riding a bicycle, always wear proper equipment and be protected. Be sure also to use practice proper techniques and actions when riding a bicycle.

--- Fashion Showcase: Fashion and Bicycles ---

Here is a picture to set the mood:

fashion and bicycles
^ from: (best of any kind I could find) - One can be stylish while also riding a bicycle. Here is Lauren Conrad and her bicycle to demonstrate fashion with a bicycle.

There must be something cool about being fashionable while also having your own bicycle. No matter what kind of bicycle you ride, a bicycle is as much an extension of your fashion style as anything else. The cool factor is certainly there when you talk about riding on a bicycle while also showcasing your style.

Inclusion for this blog post is simple- put an outfit together and show off your bicycle. That's it! I will feature as many different bloggers as I can remember seeing bicycle pictures of. Each description to the post is a description of the bike and some hint on the outfit. I avoid hotlinking images from specific blogs mostly to avoid any sort of copyright issues and allegations. Follow these other bloggers if you enjoy their work.

• personality with one's own bicycle

Enjoy these posts:

"Summer Rose" (Keiko Lynn) « mint green bicycle; vintage bell-sleeve dress.
(ADDED: August 21, 2015) "NAVY CHECK PRINT DRESS AND PINK CRUISER BIKE" (Stylish Petite) « a pink cruiser bike.
"Leopard Riding" (Nany's Klozet) « pale turquoise bicycle; shorts outfit with a leopard-print top.
"FLAMINGO WATCH" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « white bicycle with turquoise accents; colorful shorts.
"HAPPY SHINY WEEKEND!!" (FETISH TOKYO) « green and while bicycle; chic shorts outfit.
"Stage:544" (Kanaho's show) « black bicycle with colorful accents; colorful long T-shirt and unique handbag.
"INSTAGRAM ROUND UP, DAILY OUTFITS AND RECENT PURCHASES" (Stylish Petite) « (ADDED: June 24, 2015) a cruiser bike with pink accents; one picture in this roundup includes a bicycle.
"bicycle" outfits (LOOKBOOK) or "bike" outfits (LOOKBOOK) « "bicycle" and "bike" outfits on LOOKBOOK, many of which featuring bicycles owned by the personalities. WARNING: some motorcycles may be featured with the "bike" search results, which is NOT what this blog post is about.

Honorable Mention!
I want to give Honorable Mention to Thuy Bee of "Bee's Closet." Thuy does not have a fashion blog or anything, but I want to mention her because a number of her fashion outfits involve riding a bicycle. She has such great style. You can also view Thuy Bee's LOOKBOOK page for more of her fashion style.

I can do MUCH better and add much more posts. Are you a fashion blogger with your own blog post featuring your own bicycle? Be sure to contact me and let me know of your post. If I like your post, I will edit this post and add it to this showcase!

Really, I mostly featured material from bloggers I follow and/or like. I don't usually feature certain random bloggers unless I feel I don't have as many posts to feature from personalities I like in fashion for my posts.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is really the only other blog post of mine related to bicycles. So check it out if you want to view more blogging material from me:

"Bicycles" (John's Blog Space)
^ This blog post in my main blog is a look at various bicycles, ranging from recreational bicycles to racing bicycles.

"That's all folks!" as Porky Pig would say. :)

This post has concluded. If you want to generate some discussion, respond to this:

Is there anything fun or interesting about fashion and bicycles to you?

Please have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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