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Sunday, August 9, 2015


John Marine | 11:20 PM | |
In fashion and modeling, nudity is bold. It takes immense confidence and love for one's body and style for one to show his/her body in such amazing way. Nudity is a powerful- if risqué- form of art. The ones who practice nudity are those who have full confidence in their looks and body to want to show off themselves in such a way. What you are about to read is perhaps one of my most ambitious topics that I've ever discussed on "StyleSpace by JBM." Look elsewhere if you're expecting a raunchy post on nudity, though. I may not get as many views as I probably should, but I would never lower my standards just to get cheap attention.

Are you ready for my post on nudity? Then please read on!

Before I Begin...

WARNING: Because of the subject matter, this topic is obviously not suitable for all audiences. I will not be hot linking any objectionable images or such for this blog post. Also, expect a tasteful and professional look at this topic. Look elsewhere if you are expecting something raunchy in regards to this topic.

--- Nudity ---

Again... to keep this blog mostly friendly, I will not do any hot linking of images. I also will not link to any material showcasing nudity. I will leave this up to you outside of reading my post on nudity.

Nudity: General Thoughts.

Forget all of your perceptions on the mere thought of seeing a naked or slightly naked body as you read my post and think about this topic. I want you to think for a moment about what you think nudity entails in regards to fashion and modeling. Most people don't think about nudity from these standpoints.

In the most tasteful sense, nudity represents the raw beauty of the human body. Nudity does offer a sexual thrill because one is viewing the true beauty of one's body. Especially those with immensely attractive bodies are portrayed in a way different from even being scantily clad. I can recall from taking Art Appreciation classes back in college about how beautiful the human body is portrayed when I saw Greek and Roman sculptures of human figures. Every detail from muscles to genitalia are portrayed artistically. When someone is featured nude or almost nude, the natural reaction of most of us is in being aroused at the raw beauty of one's body and all the sensitive parts of that individual. Some clothes sometimes contribute to the showing off of one's body in appealing ways.

Often times, nudity carries misconceptions. Nudity doesn't always mean wearing no clothes. Nudity can simply mean being topless or no underwear or such. An example of being nude while not being completely nude was when Christina Aguilera posed nude for a cover of Marie Claire magazine but wearing a cropped leather jacket. One of the most famous nude covers is the very popular magazine cover of a pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine a long time ago. There are even female fashion models who don't wear a bra or a bikini top posing for certain fashion designers. For example, I saw a model for Free People as she was wearing a button-down shirt opened up and with no bra. American Apparel was once notorious with some topless models or those wearing sheer tops showing off "the girls." As you'd imagine, varying levels of nudity make great selling points for models and fashion. I even once had an edition of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition where there were naked models... just painted up with body paint. Even still, not everyone is confident in showing off their bodies in such expressive ways.

One other issue of nudity relates in most people would rather see. Most of us rather would see some of the sexiest males and females in the buff. This is surely normal. However, what about models who are curvy? Some petites? Curvy petites? Just like being fashionable isn't restricted to body size, nudity and modeling in such ways isn't restricted to what body size you have. Some people cringe at the image of a person who isn't slim and slender or overly athletic, but nudity is about loving your body and portraying your body in a tasteful way regardless of how your body looks. So even those who don't have "bikini bodies" (so to speak) often showcase themselves in such revealing ways nude.

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING... This is why when I discuss skin-tone items, I avoid using the word "nude" even though "nude" is a kind of color. What is considered nude by color is not the same for, say... people of color. So that's why in comments and posts, I use "skin-tone" to represent colors close to the skin color of certain individuals.

Nudity: Modeling.

Getting engaged in modeling may pertain taking part in risqué photo shoots. If you look around on websites like Model Mayhem, there are models who have certain preferences on whether or not they do nude photos. Not every model takes part in nude photos. Nudity in modeling often times is done for model shoots or for advertisements. It depends on whatever modeling is being done and for what purpose. Some do topless or braless shoots. Some models do partially nude or fully nude pictures. Certain models have websites with warnings about certain risqué (or "not safe for work") pictures, usually requesting you be 18 years of age or older prior to entering. Model Mayhem even has a filter blocking pictures not appropriate for viewing at school or at a certain workplace. You can, of course, turn off that filter if you are not in such locations viewing certain models in certain nude or semi-nude pictures. Whatever the case, there is an exact science towards modeling and being featured in such shoots.

As an example of nudity among models, almost everyone even remotely fond of fashion may know of one of the most popular muses in all of fashion- Kate Moss. She has shown up in pictures fully clothed, partially clothed, and nude. Another model I would mention as an example of any kind of nude modeling is South African model and Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel (my personal favorite Victoria's Secret Angel. That's why I mentioned her). She did a photo shoot once for an editorial called "I Want Candy" where she was topless in one photo. I think she's done other topless or nude photos. Doing any kind of nude modeling is not easy or simple. Only those confident enough are willing to do such photo shoots to add to their portfolio.

Nudity in promoting fashion is commonplace. It can be a powerful method to try to sell beauty by featuring models with no clothes on or topless or braless models. Modeling here only adds to the amount of appeal of a certain outfit. Going with this level of risqué modeling is a way of offering a lasting impression while still promoting certain clothes and brands.

Tasteful Nudity vs. Pornography.

Many people readily think pornography or ponder how one looks naked in regards to nudity. Because of our sex-crazed society, there are people who wish or wonder how someone would look in the nude. Some of us imagine what our favorite celebrities look like nude. There is even the joke some fashionable females make in saying, "we don't dress for boys. If we did, we'd be naked all the time." Nudity is an art form, as I mentioned earlier. There are two schools of thought in regards to nudity. Consider the following...

Artistic/Tasteful nudity is baring your body and exposing your natural body style in an expressive way. This involves showing off your body in an unapologetic, no regrets way. The point is to show off your body with little or no clothes as possible. Understandably, many people are not comfortable in wanting to show off their bodies in the buff.

I described artistic nudity... what about the other end of nudity? Simple- pornography is nudity "because he/she/they can." There is no art or tasteful appeal- it's just someone baring sensitive parts of his/her body just for the heck of it (basically). This is the sort of nudity that appeals more towards sexual arousal rather than showcasing one's body in a tasteful manner. It is also the kind of nudity frowned upon by a good amount of people.

Baring all or most of your body in a way you wish to express it is subject to being classified either as artistic nudity or pornography. There really is a difference between the two in regards to nudity.

Is Nudity "Wrong?"

Some people will think that nudity is something only controversial and "bad" people will do. However, nudity can be presented in ways that do not borderline on pornography. Proper and tasteful nudity involves showcasing your body in stylish ways. So even if certain positive and likable celebrities were to pose partially nude or fully nude, some people would think they such personalities are promoting negative images and ruining their lives. Artistic nudity is about expressing your body in a tasteful way; pornography is just about getting naked to fulfill the sexual desires of onlookers.

What if you were trying to teach nudity to younger types or aspiring young models? Well, you would need to teach nudity in a way that suggests celebrating one's body and confidence in the raw beauty of one's body. You CAN express nudity without being promiscuous. Also, not everyone who partakes in nudity or does nude photos is a disgrace to society or are bad role models. I don't think nudity is "wrong" as long as it is done for artistic purposes or in some tasteful manner.

Now on to my final thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree with the next section.

--- Nudity: Final Thoughts ---

Some of you were probably expecting me to discuss nudity in a way that would give you a cheap thrill. Then later, you realize I discussed nudity professionally in the sense of fashion and modeling. I am not a person readily suggesting someone perform any amount of nudity in any capacity. However, I suggest if a model wants to pose nude (or topless at most), nudity is best done to showcase the raw beauty of a person or to compliment an outfit. Just taking part in nudity just to get naked or show off sensitive body parts is tasteless nudity- discouraged by a number of people. Also, it doesn't matter about your body size or if you don't have a body that people would enjoy seeing nude or partially nude. Nudity is about loving your body so much that you are willing to showcase it in a risqué, but tasteful manner. Do not take part in nude or partially nude photos if you are not confident in wanting to show off your body in its raw form, or do not take part in such modeling if you are not confident enough in your own skin and body. Do not fall for the misconception or belief that people who post nude or partially nude photos are ruining their lives or are bad role models. Nudity can be done tastefully to where you don't grow negative perceptions of others.

While nudity has its many gray areas and faults, nudity actually serves as a tremendous and bold form of art. I am no advocate for nudity, but I do think nudity can make for great art for those who practice nudity as a form of art rather than any kind of sexual thrill. So all of you models who dare to bare... rock your style proper and tastefully express raw beauty of your body!

I hope you found some value to this blog post as well as maybe get a take on nudity against the grain or opposite of mainstream/average types. Let me know what you think if you want to discuss this topic:

What are your thoughts on nudity in fashion and modeling? Would you (or have you) attempt any capacity of nudity in photo shoots?

Never would I damage the integrity of myself or my blog posts by subjecting myself to low standards or any sort of cheapness. Having said that, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and how professionally I attempted to discuss this topic. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow for more material from me. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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