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Sun Hat Showcase

Love sun hats? This Showcase post may be to your liking. There is no better way to stylishly protect yourself from damaging sun rays than with a sun hat. I featured a number of bloggers and other fashion personalities in this Showcase post. So if you want to see fashionistas stylishly protect themselves from sun rays, you've come to the right place. And that place happens to be right here... on "StyleSpace by JBM"- the non-traditional fashion blog by yours truly, John Marine!

If you are new to my fashion blog, then I'd like to welcome you here. My "Showcase" category posts are all about showcasing various personalities with a certain fashion theme. The theme in this one is on big hats.

--- Sun Hats at a Glance ---

So what do sun hats look like? Here is a picture to set the mood and identify this post:

sun hat
^ from: allwomenstalk.com - Beat out damaging sun rays and look cute all the while! Sun hats make this happen.

As you can tell, sun hats are mostly wide-brimmed to help in not allowing sun rays to damage your skin. You should still take measures to keep your skin safe if sensitive to sun rays, but sun hats do a great job of keeping your head cool. Many of these sun hats are wide enough in coverage to protect your head and neck from damaging sun rays. The fact these are such big hats mean you are able to protect your neck very well from sun rays. There is also the cute "peek-a-boo" element of wearing such large floppy hats. No matter what, you're getting protection and style from sun hats.

I decided to showcase a few fashionistas wearing large hats. So if you want to see some people in large hats, feel free to go to the next section.

--- Sun Hat Showcase ---

Now on to the main part of this blog post. What you will see here are various bloggers and other fashionable types wearing sun hats. I encourage you to Follow these other bloggers if you enjoy their work. I try to not only feature certain personalities, but allow you the chance to follow their work in addition to supporting my own work. So here are how others style sun hats (some personalities may appear more than once):

• any wide-brim hat or any floppy hat complimenting an outfit

"Feel Casual, Look Glam" (A Walk in the Park) « a black sun hat with a coral dress.
"In Search of Sunrise" (Sensible Stylista) « a black floppy hat to go with a mostly black outfit.
"FLORAL AND BOWS (PLUS ANN TAYLOR FLASH SALE)" (Stylish Petite) « a white floppy hat complimenting a floral dress outfit.
"SUNNY STRIPES + FLOPPY HAT" (Stylish Petite) « a striped floppy hat paired with a striped dress.
"Lately" (Atlantic-Pacific) « two different large hats worn.
"How to Wear a Floppy Hat" (She Said He Said) « a neutral-colored floppy hat with a shorts outfit.
"Leopard on the Beach" (Glam Fab Happy) « a straw floppy hat complimenting a beach-friendly outfit.
"That '70s Show" (Lucky Loves) « floppy hat with a leopard-print blouse and flared jeans.
"Blanket Coat Chronicle" (Pale Division) « a dark red floppy hat.
"FLOPPY HAT" (Preppy Fashionist) « a black floppy hat.
"VINTAGE INSPIRED WITH LEATHER & A FLOPPY HAT" (Raindrops of Sapphire) « a floppy hat complimenting a vintage-inspired outfit.

Do you have an outfit relevant to this topic or any others? Want to be featured in my Showcase blog posts? Please feel free to contact me! If I like your material, I may edit my post to allow for your outfit(s) to be seen by others.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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I may add more posts in my Showcase posts if I find anything interesting and relevant.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned of some newer bloggers. As of the initial date of this post (August 21, 2015), I've adopted this more minimalist layout that is more friendly towards mobile devices. I tested this out in my experimental blog and became pleased with the results. Perhaps you like this layout too. Anyhow, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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