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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Unisex Fashions

John Marine | 11:23 PM | |
Unisex fashions are items wearable for both males and females without compromise. We normally think of certain fashion items as being exclusively male or exclusively female. You would sometimes be surprised to know what is actually considered unisex. For example, polo shirts are mostly unisex since there isn't much difference between polos for males and females. They could only be exclusively feminine if they have certain feminine-friendly cues and touches. Unisex fashions are not so much about one item being only worn and wearable for one gender, but more like something wearable for both males and females. This blog post is more of a digest of unisex fashions and accessories.

--- Unisex Fashion ---

Many garments and shoes are mostly designed for identity and style for a specific gender. The average male would wear a pair of long cargo shorts. The average female would wear a fitted and graceful sundress. What if there were fashion pieces that could be enjoyed equally for males and females without much compromise either way? This is where unisex fashion comes in. Unisex fashion is a fashion favor done to make both males and females happy. Sure, some items may be designed or catered more towards masculine or feminine fashion, but most unisex items are designed to compliment both males and females equally.

A few unisex items will be featured here to help set up the main point of this blog post.

--- (Some) Unisex Fashion Items ---

So what are some items worn fluidly by both males and females? I will showcase a few in this section.

Polo Shirts.

polo shirt unisex
^ from: - Polo shirts are purely unisex even in colors and styles unique to a certain gender.

Whether as casual wear or for school uniforms, polo shirts are very much unisex. You will see males and females wear such tops. Variations of polo shirts can include polo shirts with deeper necklines or more girly collars. Also, there are polo dresses, which are essentially polo shirt dresses.

Baseball T-Shirts.

baseball T-shirt unisex
^ from: - Baseball tees are uniquely fashionable for males and females. Me personally, I think they look better on females.

Despite having sleeves that extend just past the elbows, I always sort of thought of such baseball T-shirts as being feminine. However, baseball T-shirts are worn equally by males and females. These are cool shirts to wear in warm weather times. They are completely unisex give-or-take certain designs or such. Feminine variations may have cap sleeves or any number of girly designs on them.


overalls or dungarees unisex
^ from: - Overalls/Dungarees have about the same appeal and purpose for males and females alike. Some even still believe overalls are only for babies and children.

Overalls are surely worn and enjoyed by both males and females. They've trended of late among males and females, but many still think these overalls are only for babies and children. These are still very much wearable among both males and females of various ages.

Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals.

flip flop or thong sandals unisex
^ from: - Flip-flop/thong sandals are for all, even if you mostly see females wearing these.

Males and females alike wear flip-flop/thong sandals. They aren't at all exclusively feminine, though you mostly may see females wear them. Many will see flip-flops as a lazy choice of footwear for most outfits. Some see them more as errand footwear than anything for proper outfits. Some others think they are only acceptable on the beach. To be honest, I've never hated flip-flops unless they were just some horridly ugly ones. On females, some flip-flops cutely showcase one's pretty toes. You even have your fair share of blinged out, studded, platform, platform wedge thong sandals for females. Regardless, both males and females equally wear flip-flops.

Boat/Deck Shoes.

boat shoes or deck shoes unisex
^ from: - Males and females wear boat shoes (also called deck shoes). Styles notwithstanding, these shoes are as comfortable and fashionable for both males and females of various ages.

You may mostly see males wear these, but a handful of females wear boat shoes (commonly called "Sperrys" since Sperry Top-Sider is the originator of these shoes) also. And it isn't just the preppy set who wear these. A lot of males wear these as a cool alternative to sneakers. Females often wear boat shoes with short shorts, cropped jeans/pants, skirts, dresses, and even with leggings. Boat shoes are more like a happy medium between casual sneakers and certain other casual slip-on shoes.

Board Shorts.

board shorts unisex
^ from: - Going to the beach in a pair of board shorts is something both males and females can enjoy.

Beach going types wear board shorts, and both males and females wear such long shorts. In no way are these long shorts exclusively masculine or exclusively feminine. There are styles appreciated and loved by both genders.


Converse unisex
^ from: - The classic Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers are worn and loved by males and females alike.

A pair of Chuck Taylors are worn and loved equally by males and females. Only except for a few different color choices or designs, these wildly loved sneakers are a favorite among many people. You will see these worn by both genders styled any number of ways.

Rubber Clogs.

rubber clogs unisex
^ from: - Males and females alike can be seen wearing rubber clogs such as these.

Say what you want about rubber clogs- they are fine shoes for males and females to wear. There are even males in the health care industry who wear rubber clogs as a comfortable pair of shoes to wear while conducting work. Obviously, rubber clogs with holes on top or at the feet aren't exactly suitable to wear for certain medical or office settings. However, they are still worn as a comfortable pair of shoes mostly for casual wear.

These are just among a various array of items both males and females wear among unisex fashion items.

--- Unisex Fashion: Further Talking Points ---

Here is a little further discussion on unisex fashion.

It will be tough to sell certain other garments among the already vast array of unisex items. However, what if it was possible to sell a few other items to be fashionable for both males and females? Pretend jumper dresses were being marketed to be fashionable among males and females. Imagine maybe maxi dresses and maxi skirts becoming not so much feminine exclusive.

I am actually serious in discussing these samples. It may not be natural for males to look stylish in feminine fashions, but I am not thinking of jokes or anything in regards to such unisex fashions. Fashion is surely about comfort. To that end, you can increase the appeal of comfort with more fashion choices. You may also expand the range of fashion items a consumer may want to wear in the future simply by virtue of offering them to both males and females. The real challenge to me is in trying to make certain items appealing to both males and females without feeling too much like certain items should be more exclusive to one gender or the other.

--- Unisex Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what sort of garments and accessories there are out there, it is nice to know that there are some things stylish equally for both males and females. Unisex fashion makes this happen. There may be a point where certain other items somehow become wearable and acceptable for both males and females. To that end, some of those items may end up being unisex fashion items that ultimately become trendy for both males and females in the future. For now, take advantage of the various unisex garments and accessories to look and feel your best.

Unisex is not about masculine fashion. Unisex is not about feminine fashion. Instead, unisex fashion is all about enjoyable fashions and accessories for both males and females without compromise and without any exclusivity.

If shopping for unisex items is of interest to you, please visit the next section. Otherwise, skip it and go to the conclusion.

--- Unisex Fashions Online ---

I want to let you know that the items you will find here are completely random. The reason is because there are so many different unisex fashion items and unisex accessories. So you will never know what you will find. The only common bond is that they are somehow unisex. Regardless, I would appreciate your business if you looked around in these sections and found something of interest to you. You're welcome.


Let's just say... you're going to be with this item for a while because of so many choices and unisex fashion items:

Other Sources...

Please note that this is all completely random. You'll find any number of items tagged with "unisex" to them. These may even include items for babies and children. So look around and find something you may possibly enjoy.

unisex on Amazon
unisex on eBay

These were perhaps the best sources I could utilize. I may add more links in the future with edits.

This post is done.

What are some of your favorite unisex items? Do you think there are some fashion items or accessories that should be unisex? What do you think about unisex fashion in general?

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