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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


John Marine | 6:18 AM | | |
Pussybow detail offers immense feminine charm. These are usually either blouses or dresses that have a sash to them for tying. These are very classy and chic. However, if one wants to play down [especially] a pussybow blouse, a classy pair of jeans with a pussybow blouse will work. If you REALLY want to play down a pussybow blouse, find the most casual, laid back denim bottoms in your wardrobe. Pussybow blouses are certainly popular among many a fashionista. The bow itself mostly adds to the beauty of the already beautiful blouse. Prior to researching this topic, I was unaware of and uneducated about pussybow dresses. Pussybow dresses are about as lovely as pussybow blouses. Here is an example of pussybow blouses and dresses:

pussybow blouse
^ from: - This is a pussybow blouse. Note the simple elegance and charm of this blouse paired with the bow.

I tried to find a pussybow dress example, but I was unable to find one. Now that I've described and shown you these items, I offer you my thoughts on them.

Final Thoughts.

Obviously from the context of this blog post, I am a fan of pussybow blouses and dresses. These pussybow garments provide undeniable feminine style and ladylike elegance. I think it is the combination of both lovely blouses and dresses along with the big bow itself that makes such garments so fashionable and lovely. Feel free to show some classy cuteness by sporting pussybow blouses and pussybow dresses!

--- Pussybow Online ---

Really, this is the best I could come up with for all of you. So take a look at these items and links if you want to shop online for material based on what you just seen here in this blog post:


Other Sources...

pussybow blouses on eBay and pussybow dresses on eBay

I could do a whole lot more, but if there aren't as many resources on the Internet, there is not much else I can do.

So that does it for another blog post. Time for you to chime in...

Are you fond of pussybow blouses and dresses? What makes such garments so appealing to you?

Maybe in future posts, I may enhance the scope of this topic and include more material. My job as a blogger is to educate and entertain. I feel there is importance to try to offer a variety of material and express that material as best as I can to my audience. Sometimes, though, trying to gather all of that can be difficult and really hinders the greater vision I have for my blogging work. Even still, I do what I can to try to please as many people as possible. I hope you appreciate my efforts nonetheless. With all of this aside, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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