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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tucked Into Boots Showcase

John Marine | 10:32 PM | |
I once detested jeans or pants in boots, especially if it conditions weren't cold enough or treacherous enough to walk in. I eventually learned to love it as a style. This Showcase post is about the look of tucking boots into jeans or pants. In addition, I want to be able to showcase this look by showing various fashionistas sporting this look. Here is a little of everything in a post like this. Welcome again to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"

Jeans/Pants in Boots Showcase

Jeans tucked into boots. Pants tucked into boots. That is the look being showcased. Here is an example (I will find another picture if I am unable to use the following image):

boots over jeans or pants
^ from: - Wear boots over your jeans or pants and be fabulous with it! Love this look? Then you might love this Showcase post featuring many different boots-over-jeans/pants outfits.

As I had mentioned in the opening, I once detested the look of jeans tucked into boots. Part of my issue was that I didn't like the look as a style. I only approved of the look if it was treacherous to walk around in wherever such people walked. Trying to look "cute" with this look was a total mystery to me. This look also made me (especially with jeans) further detest skinny jeans. Over time, I grew to accept the look. I actually find it to be a charming way to showcase a fabulous pair of boots. Fall/Autumn and Winter are the times of year to showcase a fabulous pair of boots. Even if you have a pair of booties you wear almost any time of year, boots are most chic in cold weather times. Someone in a YouTube video suggested wearing jeggings (which I blogged about before here on StyleSpace by JBM) with boots tucked in rather than try to fiddle with proper jeans with the boots-over-jeans look. Some think this is a look petites shouldn't try to wear since it may make some petites shorter or stumpy. So to any fashionista, it's your call how you rock this look.

Now that you've been briefed about this look, it is time to showcase a few posts featuring tucking boots into jeans and/or pants. Take a look at the criteria for inclusion to see what posts are qualified to be featured here:

• any jeans-in-boots outfit
• any pants-in-boots outfit

This Showcase blog post features various fashionistas wearing boots over jeans or pants. You may agree or disagree, but I actually tried to avoid boots over leggings or tights in compiling this collection of blog posts. You know there are those who will debate about "leggings are not pants" or "tights are not pants." So to make it fair and easy, only boots tucked into jeans and/or pants will be featured. Any posts featuring cropped or cuffed jeans/pants with booties will NOT be featured. The point is on boots covering jean legs or pant legs. Having said all of this... let's begin!

You are free to subscribe to and follow these other bloggers if you enjoy their work. I always want to try to connect my readers to other bloggers from around the world, so get to know some of these personalities if you don't know of them. I also tend to feature Blogger/Blogspot blogs first since my blogs are also on the Blogger/Blogspot platform. Some bloggers MAY appear more than once to represent variations to outfits or just to feature different outfits.

"In the Midst of a Storm" (The Party Dress) « rain boots tucked into jeggings.
"Happy Feet" (Southern Curls and Pearls) « jeans tucked into sheepskin boots.
"Photography Adventure" (imperfect idealist) « the blogger and her friend both wearing riding boots tucked into jeans.
"Remix and Reality" (imperfect idealist) « floral pants tucked into boots; one is a tall pair without laces, and another is a pair of short lace-up boots.
"Palette of Pastels" (imperfect idealist) « fringe boots tucked into distressed jeans.
"BLUSH, BURGUNDY AND LEOPARD (PLUS PETITE FRIENDLY TALL BOOTS)" (Stylish Petite) « riding boots on a petite paired with white jeans.
"FALL CASUAL OUTFIT: STRIPES & LEOPARD WITH COGNAC BOOTS" (Stylish Petite) « high-heel boots tucked into jeans worn by a petite.
"The Perfect Grey Boots" (She Said He Said) « over-knee boots tucked into jeans.
"I Desire Always to Stretch My Dreams Further and Further" (French Violet) « somewhat suede boots in blue jeans and worn with a stylish top.
"Casual Day" (Always Maylee) « a basic pair of tall boots tucked into jeans.
"My Ordinary Day" (Quintessence of Beauty) « short boots tucked into striped pants by one of this blog's two bloggers.
"Plaid Rocks!!" (Glam Fab Happy) « plaid lace-up boots tucked into distressed skinny jeans.
"BRIGHT COLORS FOR FALL" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « over-knee flat boots tucked into jeans.
"Blazer, Boots, Shades...." (Chamber of Beauty....) « short lace-up boots tucked into a pair of jeans.
"autumn in june" (Pale Division) « thigh-high boots paired with riding pants.
"First Outfit of 2015" (Whatever is Lovely) « dark blue jeggings tucked into burgundy boots.
"Coral Jeans + Leopard Scarf" (Rachel's Lookbook) « coral jeans tucked into flat brown boots.
"THE LONG GREY JACKET WITH OVER THE KNEE BOOTS" (Raindrops of Sapphire) « black over-knee boots tucked into jeans, outfit includes a long gray jacket.
"Bamboo Forest" (Thirstythought) « wedge booties tucked into leather pants.

And there is your Showcase on tucking jeans and/or pants into boots.

Jeans/Pants Into Boots: Boot Preference? (Bonus Section!)

Combat boots are nothing new as a style. However, the jeans/pants into boots look has been more popular with lace-up boots lately than with any regular pair of tall boots. Most of you know me know that I am not really into many lace-up shoes and boots. Combat boots and certain other lace-up boots have been in vogue lately with tucking into jeans or pants. I think it really depends on your style preference if you are choosing between what kind of boots to tuck into jeans or pants. So if you like a pair of average zip-up or buckle-up boots, that's fine. Same goes if you prefer a fashionable pair of lace-up boots to tuck into jeans or pants.

If you ask me, I tend to most enjoy riding boots to tuck into jeans or pants. Maybe a dream pair of boots to me to pair with an outfit would be a pair of riding boots with quilted details. I also like a cute pair of harness boots as far as envisioning feminine outfits. You can, of course, let your cowgirl shine by going with a lovely pair of cowboy boots to tuck into jeans or pants. Of course, not to be outdone are tall boots with pretty sweet heels to them- including high heel wedge boots. And while I don't like many of them that much, over-knee boots are certainly not off-limits.

So what do you think? Do you have a certain preference over a certain kind of boots to tuck into jeans or pants? Do you prefer non-lace boots or lace-up boots here?

A Quick Shoutout (and some advice)...

There are some loyal types who praise me for featuring them in my different blog posts. I want to say that you are welcome if I feature a certain post of yours in a Showcase post or in some other kind of post. Part of this non-traditional fashion blog is to discuss fashion in a way I know fashion and how I want to express certain looks and outfits. There are at least 100-150 fashion blogs I have visited or seen. I don't follow them all, but I do try to follow as many as possible to try to maximize the scope and appeal of what I feature in posts like this.

One thing I'll suggest is that if you have a fashion blog and maybe want to be featured, allow your blog to be searched. Have a Search box and offer proper tags to posts and pictures in your blog. I want my readers/visitors to be able to connect to relevant material regarding certain trends and outfits. I also want to be able to help other people connect to others. If you don't want your blog to be searched, that's fine. I am just offering a recommendation in case someone becomes interested in a certain look or outfit. It really helps me with some fashion discussions because it allows me to use better examples when discussing certain fashion topics.

I have a few more Showcase blog post ideas I am considering in the future. For now, this concludes another Showcase post and another fashion blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." Please Subscribe/Follow if you enjoy my blog(s) and want to see more of my content as it becomes available. You made me happy by coming here and taking a look at my material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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