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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Clothes Wearing You

John Marine | 12:15 AM | |
The feeling of clothes wearing you can be very discomforting. What does this mean? It basically means the clothes you wear control you and your comfort level. You want to confidently wear clothes, not have the clothing wear you. It is a point I heard a few times when I used to watch E! Network's "Fashion Police" (RIP, Joan Rivers). A number of fashion bloggers review certain clothes they wear. Some mention that certain clothes just don't feel right as they wear them. If you think this issue refers to us common folk, then you're sadly wrong. I mentioned "Fashion Police"... meaning even celebrities sometimes feel as if the clothes are wearing them. Some celebrities even have stylists trying to come up with the best possible outfits, yet they still may feel like the clothes wear certain celebrities. So this is an issue for almost anyone.

A more accurate explanation of clothes wearing you would be the feeling of you not being able to feel confident in the clothes you wear. Almost as if you're forced to wear a certain outfit and lack sufficient confidence wearing clothes and outfits. We all know- confidence is key. Who wants to wear something they feel doesn't feel right or can't be worn with confidence? When you put together outfits, you put them together because you want to express yourself and feel confident in what you wear. How can (for example) a 20-something lady feel confident wearing a short dress and platform pumps if she feels the clothes are wearing her rather than her wearing these clothes? How can a celebrity in a fabulous gown and glamourous high-heel sandals feel confident at a Red Carpet, A-List event feel confident if she can't rock her style confidently?

Sometimes, the lack of confidence in wearing certain clothes isn't restricted to just clothes. It may sometimes be you don't have the psychological confidence to wear an outfit. You know what you want to wear and how you want to wear it. However, you lack the confidence to wear it and feel good in. This is as much a by-product of having clothes wearing you. If you are not confident in your own style, you won't look and feel as confident as you can. This can make the feeling of clothes wearing you feel even worse.

Final Thoughts.

If you feel your clothes are wearing you rather than you wearing certain clothes, take measures to try to find better-fitting clothing. You may even want to do things like exercise or anything like that to feel better outside and within. Fashion takes confidence. Without confidence, you are simply wearing clothes with little regard to comfort. Comfort is especially key in fashion. It is even possible you envision the dream outfit of yours, and it ultimately ends up being something you feel like those clothes are wearing you as opposed to you wearing those clothes. Do whatever it takes to win the tug-o-war between you and the clothes you wear! Don't let your clothes wear you!

That's it for this one.

What suggestions would you offer to others who feel their clothes are wearing them? Have you possibly been in the situation of clothes wearing you?

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