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Monday, November 16, 2015

Work Boots

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Work it! Work boots are rugged enough to work as hard as those who wear them, yet stylishly and comfortably support one's feet. These are also very popular '90s footwear. Timberland is perhaps most popular for work boots. Timberland is about as synonymous to work boots as Dr. Martens is to combat boots. Besides Timberland, other companies have made more proper work boots from companies such as Red Wing, Georgia Boot, and Caterpillar among others. This blog post is all about work boots. So if you fancy work boots, this may be the blog post you're looking for.

Let's go to work! I'll discuss work boots in two kinds- the proper kind, and the feminine/chic kind. Follow my lead.

Real Work Boots.

Here's a pair of work boots:

work boots
^ from: - Here is the most basic and quintessential pair of work boots.

The hard worker wants to be able to wear shoes that work as hard as he/she does. At various job sites, jobs that require working in extreme conditions will ask for footwear as tough as the jobs being worked on. These jobs call for work boots. What can be a great feature to work boots is for work boots to have steel toes. While the usual style work boots are as the picture I displayed to define this section, not all work boots have the same style to them. Some work boots can be ankle length or not even have laces to them.

From my '90s memories, I recall Honey Brown work boots being worn as a popular sort of shoe for males and females. Having that hard work look was real cool. At least you know you could look rugged and stylish even if you never perform any kind of serious labor. I would see females wearing jean skirts and denim jean overalls with work boots back in the '90s.

Speaking of feminine work boots...

Chic Work Boots.

Now for a pair of chic work boots:

chic fashion work boots
^ from: - Work boots, with a feminine touch. Because you know, tough urban girls demand high heels with tough laces.

I posted only one example of chic work boots. These are boots with the work boot look and feel; but of course, with some high heels. Some of these more feminine work boots offer features like platform bases, chunky heels, taller than normal shafts, and more. Timberland is usually credited with making the most popular feminine work boots. However, there are other designers who make their own work boot style shoes. One of them is the ever-popular Jeffrey Campbell, who made the "HBIC" boots. I've seen more feminine work boot examples ranging from those with sky high heels, some with peep/open toes, mid-calf length, and some even knee-high or thigh-high heights. No matter what, these are chic boots designed like work boots.

IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING... HBIC stands for (language warning!) "Head Bitch in Charge." Pardon my language. I didn't come up with this name. Also in case you're wondering, here are some more feminine work boots:

HBIC Jeffrey Campbell work boots
^ from: - These are the HBIC boots by Jeffrey Campbell.

stiletto heel work boots
^ from: - These are knee-high work boots with high stiletto heels.

over knee work boots
^ from: - If you prefer your work boots ABOVE the knees, try looking up boots like these.

Would I Recommend Work Boots?

If working in certain environments, yes. If styling outfits, not really. Such work boots would be worthy alternatives to combat boots. I would not recommend pairing work boots with any cute feminine outfits, but I'm sure you females wouldn't mind (for example) pairing a cute sundress with work boots if you so choose. Don't let me stop you from trying certain clothing combinations just because I approve or disapprove of a certain look or looks. I just have my own tastes in fashion different from others.

Time for some final thoughts of mine.

Work Boots: Final Thoughts

Whether your workplace is an actual job that requires such footwear or the streets, work boots are more than sufficient footwear for the tasks you face. They provide the sort of style to keep your feet protected as you work or as you build your street outfits. These boots also provide great '90s chic. These can even be a nice alternative to combat boots, if you are into those kinds of boots. There are lots of things to love about work boots if they interest you.

The next section can be skipped if you don't want to participate in it or get involved.

Work Boots Online

I can help you if you want to get some work boots. I have links and items to help you out. Feel free to support my work as well as helping yourself by getting involved in this section. Remember- your involvement here is voluntary, but would be vastly appreciated.


I mentioned two kinds of work boots, so come get your work boots in either of these two items:

Work Boots for Men:

Work Boots for Women:

Other Sources:

Here are more work boots for you...

work boots on Amazon
work boots on eBay

Happy shopping! :)

Work hard, play harder. That's what I do. I'm a clutch player. ...or at least, I try to be. Discussion time! What do you think:

Are you fond of work boots? Do you prefer them for work, play, or both?

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