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Birthday Showcase

January 15 is my birthday. So I figured I'd make this Showcase blog post about outfit posts either on bloggers' birthdays or from birthday occasions celebrated by the blogger. Birthday outfit posts are the deal here. Some stylish folks dress as fabulous as they want... and why not? It's your birthday! You deserve to look and feel your best! Of course, that's the way it should be every day, but especially look and feel great for your birthday. This blog post features a number of posts on other blogs for bloggers' birthdays or for birthday parties.

If you'd like to wish me happy birthday, that's perfectly fine. Thanks! Welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM"- the stylish space of my blogging universe!

Birthday Showcase

Fashion bloggers offering birthday outfit posts is what this blog post is about. What you will find here are certain posts about birthday outfits. The stylish set often celebrate fabulously with great-looking outfits. Sometimes, these are outfits that are better than what some would normally put together and post about.

A birthday is festive and commendable as it is. For those into fashion, being able to put together certain outfits makes things all the sweeter when you can come up with stylish outfits. One deserves to look and feel fabulous on his/her birthday. It is time I offer another Showcase post. This time, featuring outfit posts for what certain fashionable types wore on his/her birthday or for a birthday occasion.

an outfit worn by a blogger on or for the blogger's birthday
an outfit worn by a blogger for that blogger's birthday party

The links below feature certain outfit posts for the blogger's birthday or for a birthday party. It has to be that person's birthday, not someone else's. It also (obviously) has to be an outfit post and not something like some tagging. So that's what you're going to find in this international roundup of birthday outfit posts. If you like the certain bloggers featured here, please feel free to follow their blogs any way you can. Enjoy this post, stylish readers of mine! :)

"It's My Birthday, and I Can Wear What I Want To!!" (Style Cassentials) « a black and blue lace dress.
"SHEER NAVY STRIPED BLOUSE AND GREEN PONTE SKIRT" (Stylish Petite) « a striped shirt and a green skirt.
"birthday pictures and outfit." (Maytedoll) « a blouse and a striped skirt.
"Birthday Girl" (She Said He Said) « a mid-length dress paired with a blazer that has animal print cuffs.
"Birthday Girl" (Hapa Time) « an elegant, long, blue dress.
"BIRTHDAY GIRL!" (Nany's Klozet) « a blue romper/playsuit.
"Birthday Girl" (Camilascloset) « a polka dot top.
"My 21st - Part One" (Cupcake's Clothes) « a simple and cute dress outfit.
"Counting stars - Happy birthday to me" (Fashion With Ania and Klaudia) « galaxy print T-shirt.
"NEW LOOK: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY GIRL"" (Glam Fab Happy) « a short dress with many pastel colors.
"Birthday lunch OOTD | Black and Gold Anarkali" (Chamber of Beauty....) « a black anarkali with white and gold accents.
"My Sweet17 Birthday Dinner" (.a little princess.) « a cute magenta dress.
"BIRTHDAY OUTFIT" (FETISH TOKYO) « a shorts outfit with knee-high boots.
"Fatshion Faceoff: Wedge Sandals (& my birthday!)" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « a colorful patterned dress.
"Birthday Week Series: Birthday Girl!" (Whatever is Lovely) « a glamourous pink dress.
"BIRTHDAY GAL! PLUS GIVEAWAY" (Preppy Fashionist) « a chic red dress.
"Birthday Brunch" (thirstythought) « a tunic paired with a sequin skirt.
"OOTD: The Birthday [Play] Suit" (The Modernist) « a blue romper/playsuit.

Have you a birthday outfit post I may like? I may edit posts like these with your own posts. Just be sure to contact me online. You might see your post in my blog posts!

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