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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pronouncing Designers and Labels

John Marine | 9:52 PM | | |
How well can you pronounce designers and labels? If you are not as adept at pronouncing certain designers, this is a unique blog post to help you out a bit. This blog post is a unique one to help you pronounce the names of certain designers. If you are at least going to be involved in any kind of fashion discussion, at least learn to pronounce some designers properly. So therefore, you will not feel silly not being able to pronounce certain designers or labels. You're welcome, world!

Welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM!" This is my non-traditional fashion blog where every topic is somehow fashion-related. Part of what makes this blog non-traditional is because of posts like this one you are about to read.

Pronouncing Designers and Labels

When introduced to foreign names and expressions, one has to learn how to properly pronounce something, let alone just spelling it out. Even I admit I am not as adept pronouncing various designers and labels. For example, I didn't learn to properly pronounce "Yves Saint Laurent" until I saw an episode of "Ugly Betty." So I prepared this blog post to provide some videos where you can see and hear certain names being pronounced properly. If you do know how to pronounce certain designers and labels, consider this blog post a quiz or a test. I tried to find the best possible videos with about the most accurate pronunciations.

NOTE: Some or all of these may or may not be the proper pronunciations of such names. This post, like any of my others, was not meant to be anything comprehensive or complete. Simply take in these videos for your enjoyment.

Time to make you the smartest person around in fashion discussions! Take a look at the following videos and get a little education on pronouncing certain designers and labels. Enjoy!

• From i-D:

^ How To Pronounce The Hardest Names In Fashion

• From
Each entry is pronounced twice. Some of these names I've never heard of before...

^ How to Pronounce Fashion Brands & Names

^ How to Pronounce Fashion Brands & Names (Part 2)

Hopefully, these will help you pronounce some of these labels and designers properly. There are MANY other designers with certain names that may be difficult to pronounce properly, but these are at least among the more popular designers and labels featured here.

That's all for this one.

What are there any designers or labels you struggle pronouncing correctly, or fear you may be pronouncing wrong?

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