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Friday, February 5, 2016


John Marine | 12:12 AM |
Amy Roiland and FashionTap are game changers. FashionTap is an app and a service that connects fashionable folk to designers and stores. It is its own social network connecting people to stores and designers to buy and sell fashion. All you have to do is sign up to be part of the service and feel free to be connected to the various designers and stores offering such fashions. As Amy is an online friend of mine as well as a fellow blogger, I am pleased to post a blog entry in regards to her and her FashionTap app.

Introducing FashionTap.

Here is a blog post about the fashionable game changer, FashionTap!

^ from: - Amy Roiland's FashionTap benefits both consumers and designers/stores as its own social network.

I don't know as much about FashionTap as I would like to. So to help bridge the gap, allow Amy Roiland herself to introduce FashionTap to you all. The best way to understand FashionTap is to take a look at both of these videos. So if you are inclined, allow Amy herself to introduce her app to you all:

^ "FashionTap Intro Video"

Here is a broader explanation of FashionTap from its founder:

^ "FashionTap explained by CEO and Founder Amy Roiland"

You can generally say FashionTap is surely a game changer in the fashion realm after you learned about this program.

Try/Access FashionTap!

You can access FashionTap and use it yourself through these methods:

FashionTap official
FashionTap on Apple App Store

Unfortunately (and to my knowledge), FashionTap is not available as an Android app. However, I will surely add a link to FashionTap if and when FashionTap becomes available for Android devices.

For More Information...

For more on FashionTap, please visit If you want to visit Amy Roiland's fashion blog, please visit A FASHION NERD.

If Amy Roiland Herself is Reading This... (Bonus Material!)

I have been more than thankful knowing you online for so long. I wish you the absolute best in your FashionTap venture. I am hopeful my readers/visitors of "StyleSpace by JBM" from around the world will be able to use and utilize your fine app and your service. Good luck to you moving forward. Most of all, thank you so much for your support and your respect for as long as we've crossed paths.

I apologize for not posting in a long while. Hopefully this post makes up for lost time. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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