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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Remembering Style Network

John Marine | 5:19 PM |
Style Network was the TV home of fashion and beauty. Even as part of the E! Network, this channel was about fashion, and even included food shows, various other domestic topics, and more. It was 2001 or so when I first saw this channel. This blog post looks back with my own thoughts on this former channel.

NOTE: Some of the material in this post may appear in individual blog posts in the future. So make sure to stay with this blog in case I make posts on certain content featured in this blog post.

Former Shows of Style Network.

A show I would see often on Style was "The Look for Less." It was hosted by "Survivor" star Elisabeth Filarsky (now Elisabeth Hasselbeck). "The Look for Less" was about giving financially-strapped fashionistas the opportunity to re-create expensive outfits for much less. This would involve things like thrifting and simply finding fashion items styled like more expensive pieces. Later installments mostly were like challenges. The show went to giving people only an hour or so with a certain budget to re-create certain outfits. In later times, there would be some other host or hosts of "The Look for Less," but it didn't have the same classic feel as the older installments of "The Look for Less."

This channel even at times had fashion show coverage complimented by some good-sounding electronic dance music. It even shown installments of FashionTV. This network even grew seeds of what would be one of the most popular E! Network shows- Fashion Police. This "Fashion Police," however, didn't exactly have insight from the likes of the late great Joan Rivers or Kelly Osbourne. It also used to mostly focus on fashion highlights from major awards ceremonies and events.

There was another show I liked and used to watch called "You're Invited." This show was hosted by Jackie Guerra and was all about putting together parties with various party favors and other insights.

In the dying years of Style Network, there wasn't too much to see on there to keep me watching the channel. That was... until "The Dish" debuted. "The Dish" was a show poking fun at many shows on TV and even dished on fashion. It was hosted by who many know as Topanga, but many others- Danielle Fishel. I enjoyed watching this show just about every weekend night. Danielle Fishel never ceased to make me smile. The earlier episodes of "The Dish" had a "My Favorite Dish," where Danielle Fishel would share her favorite news bit from fashion or entertainment. Later installments featured "Freak of the Week," where she would share something that was the most psychotic or crazy moment from the week. Perhaps even more fun was Danielle simply saying "Freak of the Week." It was a great show. Unfortunately, the later episodes went to a different schedule to where I didn't get to see the show at a favorable time.

Most of what Style Network would show before its demise were a lot of movies as well as some other material not related to fashion. It is sad when a channel focused on fashion and style has less and less content related to its roots. That is usually the sign of something dying or about to die as far as media is concerned.

Final Thoughts on Style Network.

If you love fashion and certain insights related to fashion, Style Network was your TV home for as long as this channel was around. These days, you can probably look up online videos and certain streams featuring such content. You could even look up certain websites and blogs devoted to fashion. This channel was the springboard for a lot of different shows and even insight for a few different channels. At least here in the United States, Style Network couldn't have been a better home. Perhaps not perfect, but Style Network was quite a fabulous home for fashion (and other things).

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. If you were concerned about me or anything, I'm fine. I just have been trying to work on some 3D material and various other media work. It can be tough being a one-man studio on a lot of things. One aspect of being such an individual is that you can't really make time to do everything. And for me, that includes blogging. But yeah- I'm fine.

What are some of your memories of Style Network?

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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