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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Actively Neon

John Marine | 6:14 PM | | |
Nothing says "look at me" like neon. In the case of activewear, neon is a real attention grabber. You may have seen athletes wear neon clothing and footwear while exercising or playing sports. Neon colors deliver high energy. To some people, wearing something loud like neon-colored material really energizes people and get them going, and for good reason in my view. Ones who would argue against neon-colored activewear would say that someone either looks like a highlighter or some '80s reject. You can make the case that at least wearing something with neon is much more attractive than wearing dull colors with frumpy active outfits.

What kind of a difference can neon-colored activewear make? Here are a few activewear items to prove the points I am making in this blog post:

neon active top
^ from: - Active tops bathed in neon can range from simple T-shirts to tank tops, and they even include neon-colored sports bras for females.

neon active bottoms
^ from: - Certain active bottoms can be all or partially neon-colored.

neon active sneakers
^ from: - Neon active sneakers surely grab attention.

It mostly used to be that people would mostly sport some neon-colored sneakers. Really, there are many more different items colored in neon or with neon accents. Certain active garments and footwear with neon can be attention-grabbing and energizing. For instance, imagine a female going for a jog in a black sports bra, black active leggings, but then wears some neon yellow or neon pink active sneakers. Think of a male who wears a neon yellow T-shirt, some active shorts, and maybe some sneakers matching the neon T-shirt. It can be self-explanatory why neon-colored garments are popular among the active set. Especially if you are trying to keep yourself focused as you perform exercises or sports, wearing such loud colors can bring energy to you and your routines.

Should you add neon-colored items to your active wardrobe? It's your call. I've never been interested in wearing anything neon. For those of you looking for something to energize you a bit wearing active clothing, I am not going to hate you for wearing neon. Only thing I would advise is to try not to go top-to-bottom neon. Choose wisely how you want to wear neon for your active outfit. Don't be a hot mess of neon colors. Instead, structure the color combination wisely.

So there goes another post of "StyleSpace by JBM"- the stylish space of my blogging universe. Time for you to comment...

What do you think about neon-colored activewear?

Sorry I've been silent mostly recently. I'm fine- just been doing some other work outside of blogging. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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