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Thursday, May 5, 2016


John Marine | 1:00 PM | | |
Creepers are platform oxfords famous mostly among the Goth set. But even if you aren't in the Goth or punk set, creepers are still plenty worn by a number of people both male and female. So these cool creepers offer unisex style. This fairly brief blog post takes a look at creeper shoes.


Let's look at creepers. In fact, here are some for you:

creeper shoes
^ from: - Creepers are cool among the Goth and dark set. These are platform oxfords that come in various colors, patterns, and even certain platform base heights.

creeper boots
^ from: - Creepers can also come in boot forms, though you don't usually see creeper boots much.

In today's pop culture, creepers are the wildly popular (and seriously annoying) monsters in Minecraft that blow up when they go towards you. This blog post is NOT about those Creepers. The creepers here are the shoes mostly worn among those among the Goth or dark set. Most creepers usually are one-tone or two-tone. They may have either one solid color, two solid colors, or perhaps one solid color followed by some kind of pattern or some other design. Creepers also have elevated platform bases. Therefore, you can imagine how ridiculously comfortable they can be since they aren't entirely flat or low.

Creepers - Online Examples.

If you would like examples of creepers being worn, allow me to introduce you to two bloggers and also a handful of fashionable folk who rock creepers. All links are offered for educational purposes. Check these out:

"Spirits Lifted" (It's Kendall Kay) « creepers with multiple splashes of blue, purple, and pink colors.
"Summer In The City" (ULIMALI) « wedge creeper boots.

"creeper" search results on LOOKBOOK « creeper examples on LOOKBOOK.

What do I think about these shoes? The next post will get you my full scope on creepers.

Creepers: Final Thoughts

I actually think creepers are very cool. I am not in the Goth or dark subculture, but I do think these can be pretty cool shoes to wear. I'm not hating if you have at least one pair of creepers. Go proudly wear these shoes if you adore them!

Creepers Online

Want some creepers? Here are a few links to help you out:

Creepers on Amazon
creepers on eBay

I may include more material if I decide to edit this post.

Have yourself a great day/night! But first, let me ask you...

Do you like creepers? What do you think about these shoes?

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