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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quinceañera Fashion

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Quinceañeras mark a girl's arrival as a woman in Latin cultures. As such, a ceremony is held to help commemorate this moment for when a girl becomes 15. Quinceañeras in Latin culture are equivalent of a Sweet Sixteen in America. It is a moment where such a girl feels like a princess- and so should she be. It is almost like a wedding or a prom for a girl to celebrate such an occasion. This blog post looks at the fashion aspect of Quinceañeras.

Before I Begin...

If anyone will be celebrating a Quinceañera or have recently celebrated one, congratulations to you! Maybe you can lend your insight on these occasions to this blog post.

It is Cinco de Mayo as of this post, so... Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos! :)


Quinceañeras are the coming of age party for Latinas for when they become 15 years old. "Quince" translates to 15, so when one Latina turns 15, she is considered an adult in Latin culture. A lavish celebration is offered to her. These Quinceañeras are basically celebrations where the girl actually feels like a princess.

Quinceañeras are like the combination of a birthday party and a wedding. You obviously want to look and feel like a princess or a goddess (or whatever you consider the highest form of beauty and importance). They are both a festive party and a vastly religious experience. The girl celebrating her 15th birthday is usually in a beautiful dress, about as beautiful as the most alluring wedding dresses. Her hair is done up beautifully as she'll be ready to have her wonderful festivities. Basically, the preparation for all of this is basically like a wedding.

Here are a number of things that happens based on what I've read on the Internet and seen in videos. The ceremony itself consists of blessings to declare the Quinceañera girl into womanhood. A Quinceañera waltz (or vals) is where a beautiful dance (similar to a wedding dance) commences. The girl usually dances with an escort and with others in beautiful ballroom-type waltz dancing. What may also be wanted for a Quinceañera is a baile sorpresa (surprise dance). This is where a unique dance routine is incorporated into the whole Quinceañera, usually after the usual Quinceañera waltz/vals.

Quinceañeras: Fashion.

Fashion for Quinceañeras are almost like proms. Formal dresses will suffice for the girl celebrating a Quinceañera. Formal outfits also are for men and women for these occasions.

Quinceañera dress
^ from: - A girl celebrating her Quinceañera wears a beautiful prom-style dress such as this one.

In addition to a lovely dress, one must also consider a beautiful hairstyle to compliment the Quinceañera dress. Here is an example of a beautiful hairstyle to go with a formal dress:

Quinceañera hairstyle
^ from: (Pinterest) - Consider getting a hairstyle as beautiful as your Quinceañera dress.

The last thing you'll probably need would be a formal pair of pumps or sandals. After that, you're set! Here is a little insight on shoes to wear for a Quinceañera: The Shoes for the Quinceañera. Now go enjoy your Quinceañera! :)

Quinceañeras: Final Thoughts

A Quinceañera is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for any girl who celebrates one or will celebrate one. As such, be sure to look and feel your best as you get all dolled up and ready to start a new chapter in your life. Look as fabulous as you want while also being fabulous.

Most of all, congratulations to you all who have celebrated your Quinceañera or will celebrate soon.

More Information on Quinceañeras...

That concludes this blog entry (unless I want to add more material in future edits). If you're looking for Quinceañera material online, here are resources and Amazon material for you. First, resources: (SPANISH) and (ENGLISH)
Quinceañera Fashion
Quinceañera Mall - experts in planning Quinceañeras and also includes Quinceañera dresses and accessories
Mis Quince Magazine - a magazine devoted to Quinceañeras, from the Seventeen Network (meaning, the same people behind Seventeen Magazine, CosmoGirl, and TeenMag among others).
Quinceañera Magazine - planning and items for your Quinceañera.
Quinceañeras - Hispanic Culture - more information on Quinceañeras in general.
Quinceañera Dress City

I may include some more material in the future to further educate my audience.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Quinceañera Material Online.

Score yourself some Quinceañera dresses by taking a look at these links I provided for you.

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Hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my blog(s) and reading posts of mine.

That concludes this blog post.

Have you had a Quinceañera? Did you enjoy it if so? What would you recommend to anyone celebrating or being part of a Quinceañera?

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