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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Betsey Johnson

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@xoBetseyJohnson is high-end girly-girl goodness. Vibrant colors and patterns make her products enticing. Her personality and her fine designs are well revered and respected among all of fashion. She also does cartwheels and splits! I would like to open the floor to discuss Betsey Johnson and her amazing personality and style.

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Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson. Get to know her.

Betsey Johnson
^ from: (YouTube) - Betsey Johnson is a teenager in a grown-up's disguise. She is so youthful in all she provides in fashion.

Though born on August 10, 1942; Betsey Johnson is one of the most youthful, colorful, fun, and girly fashion personalities. She embodies girly charm like many others much younger than her. The Connecticut-born Betsey Johnson is best known for her flamboyant and girly fashions. Betsey Johnson is a high-end designer who truly delivers amazing fashions.

Betsey Johnson designs colorful and expressive fashions with plenty of girly charm. You may not find anything sexy or revealing of hers, but you will find colorful and fun fashions that are nothing short of amazing. All or most of her clothing offerings are quintessential girly items and touches. These include things like ruffles, frills, fun patterns, colorful and peppy color combinations, and so much more. If you are looking for something edgy or sexy, you're probably not going to find it in Betsey Johnson's lineup of fashions.

In addition to fashions for women, Betsey Johnson even offers some accessories, home decor, jewelry, handbags, footwear, and even lingerie. She even offers fashions for girls. There was a reality show of hers called "XOX Betsey Johnson" back on the old Style Network showcasing Betsey and some of her personal life. I think I seen episodes of that show before.

Video Insight.

If you think Betsey Johnson sounds cool, check her out in action:

^ "House Of Style | Ep. 6 | Betsey Johnson: This Is Me"

Honestly... how cool is Betsey Johnson?

Betsey Johnson: Final Thoughts

Betsey Johnson is legendary in more ways than one. She lends her unique and flamboyant personality to her fashions and her products that is well-respected. I don't think Betsey Johnson can care less about what the latest trends are in fashion- she is a leader and not a follower. As a high-end fashion designer, I'd say her goods are definitely worth every penny for fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous. One will have no problem looking and feeling fabulous with Betsey Johnson and her fashions.

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To shop styles from Betsey Johnson or to learn more about her, visit You may even find some Betsey Johnson goods here:

Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

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