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Bikini Bodies

#NationalBikiniDay has me thinking of bikini bodies. To some, the "bikini body" is overrated. Today's culture even accepts petite and curvy figures in bikinis. A bikini is surely empowering and enticing to wear and be seen in. Among mainstream society, only slender types should wear bikinis and be seen in bikinis. So in other words, most petites and especially curvy females shouldn't (at least in terms of mainstream society) be wearing bikinis because they don't have "bikini bodies." As we say, though- "real women have curves." Not every female has a body like Candice Swanepoel (my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel) or somebody. What is most important here is in looking and feeling confident in what you wear. And in this case, looking and feeling beautiful in a bikini.

Let's look at two cases of bikini bodies to prove different points.

Bikini Bodies: Petite.

Petites already face the challenge of looking for finding clothing that elongates their figure as well as not having certain bikinis overwhelm their frame. Also of note are bikini tops that properly cover petites who may have small breasts. Unless a certain petite thinks she is stumpy or not have such an excellent physique, petites often struggle having that "bikini body" that most average types have. For a little insight on bikinis for petites, I found this website. Take a look: How To Find The Right Swimsuit For A Petite Figure (Bella Petite Magazine)

Bikini Bodies: Curvy.

There is a reason why people cringe at the notion of a curvy female in a bikini. People feel sickened in the stomach seeing a female with much more body fat than most average people wearing a bikini. Totally rude and bigoted people would say that anyone with just extra body fat are walking diabetes or something. And because of this, the notion of having biknis for plus-sized females is laughable and confounding to such people.

One thing I have thought long and hard about in doing fashion blog posts is wondering about challenges in fashion. One of them is in plus-size fashion, especially in the case of, "do I try to lose weight to fit in certain outfits for more slender types, or do I try to find great-fitting and great-looking clothes to fit my current body?" Some plus-size females actually do become motivated to try to lose weight to fit into some clothes made for most average bodies. But for the most part, a lot of plus-size females are more trying to look and feel cute with their own bodies and with clothing to compliment them well.

The most important elements of a bikini for a curvy figure is in trying to hold in and support your body well. A big help in silhouettes is in wearing high waist bikini bottoms. High-waist bikinis is something you may want to consider if concerned about your midsection in a bikini. If you feel high-waist bikinis don't look good, you'd actually be surprised at how lovely can look in a high-waist bikini. Even slender types wear them! High-waist bikinis also are stylish among vintage and pin-up types. So don't overlook them if you are curvy. If you are the more daring curvy type,

If you have such a negative opinion about curvy females in bikinis or get easily disgusted at seeing a curvy female in a bikini, then DO NOT watch this video below. I want to demonstrate that you can be curvy and still look and feel fabulous in a bikini. Meet the beautiful Loey Lane (or "Loeybug") as she showcases some swimwear:

^ Swimwear Haul & Try-On | 2016

Bikini Bodies: Petite AND Curvy?

What if you're short-statured AND have a curvy body? To some people, you CERTAINLY don't have a bikini body according to many people. However, bikinis for curvy petite types are not taboo.

The only person I know of best to demonstrate curvy petite style is my blogging friend Cassandra of "Style Cassentials." I picked out this blog post to show you that you can be curvy and petite and still look great in a bikini. Take a look:UNCONDITIONAL BODY BEAUTIFUL - PART 6: BODY HAIR (Style Cassentials)

Bikini Bodies: Pregnant.

Even pregnant females want to look their best wearing a bikini. It is best to consider your body type and find a more than decent bikini to feel comfortable in even as you are due to give birth. One option for pregnant females is high-waist bikini bottoms made for pregnant bellies.

Thanks for viewing this blog post. But before I close this one out, let me offer some final thoughts.

Bikini Bodies: Final Thoughts

Amid what mainstream society may think, ANY female can be confident in wearing a bikini. Wearing a bikini should be as empowering as wearing the most beautiful and most feminine of dresses. Society just has a way of thinking only females with absolutely fit bodies can sport bikinis. However in recent times, people have been more accepting of various body styles, including (and especially) curvy figures. The "bikini body" is really overrated to a lot of people. With options that provide great coverage and exceptional style, almost ANY body is beautiful enough to sport a bikini. That's right- I said it. EVERY body is a bikini body. Now go rock a bikini already, fashionistas of the world!

I may update this post with some more content if I feel I can offer more insight.

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