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swedish hasbeens

(UPDATED: July 27, 2017)

swedish hasbeens is famous for their clogs and mules. They are known for making colorful and fun looking clogs. swedish hasbeens is guilt-free making eco-friendly shoes. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, it has been around since 2006. While their offerings are stylish for females (they even offer some male shoes), swedish hasbeens don't come cheap. So swedish hasbeens is a high-end brand. In fact, in my research of this topic, maybe one pair of swedish hasbeens from their official website sold for anything south of $200 USD. The range of prices for these shoes is in the range of $200 USD and $300 USD. Good news is that you don't have to pay Louboutin money for these shoes. Heck, you can probably buy two (or maybe three) different pairs of swedish hasbeens for the price of one decent pair of Louboutin shoes. While they are known for their clogs, they also make stylish sandals and boots. This blog post is a fairly casual and brief post regarding swedish hasbeens.

A Note Before I Begin...

I was not asked to discuss this topic, nor is this any sponsored post. This is simply a post I created all by myself casually. All of my topics regarding specific brands and designers are NOT sponsored posts in any sense.


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swedish hasbeens

Let me share a few examples of swedish hasbeens. First off, here is a picture of one of swedish hasbeens' offerings (picture will be replaced if I can't use it for copyright purposes or some other factors):

swedish hasbeens
^ from: www.swedishhasbeens.com - This pair of clogs is one of many popular clogs from swedish hasbeens.

swedish hasbeens
^ from: www.swedishhasbeens.com - Aren't these T-strap shoes cute? This is another example of swedish hasbeens' colorful shoes.

Remember when I blogged about FashionTap? Well, the blogging examples of swedish hasbeens I will provide is from Amy Roiland. Check out her rocking swedish hasbeens in her outfits with these examples:

"Mini Cat //" (A FASHION NERD) « red swedish hasbeens clogs.
"You get me high like a bubble //" (A Fashion Nerd) « caramel brown boots from swedish hasbeens.

This gives you an example of some of the footwear swedish hasbeens offers.

Personal Thoughts.

I think swedish hasbeens to clogs and mules are almost as synonymous as Sperry Top-Sider to boat/deck shoes. swedish hasbeens offers some stylish and comfortable styles for fashionistas. There is a vintage feel to these shoes that adds an extra bit of style to various outfits. I probably wouldn't wear these with socks or tights, but these offerings are great to invest in if you are seeking a great pair of high-end shoes that aren't ridiculously high-end or super chic. For most daytime outfits and casual outfits, a fashionista has no reason to be disappointed with the shoes offered by swedish hasbeens. Have you anywhere between $200 USD to $300 USD, you will have enough to enjoy the appeal and charm provided by swedish hasbeens and their shoes. These shoes aren't anything counterculture or anything, but they are entirely fun and stylish shoes to wear and enjoy.

So fashionistas worldwide... proudly rock these very cool shoes from swedish hasbeens if you have any!

For More Information...

Want to score yourself some swedish hasbeens? Visit their official website at www.swedishhasbeens.com. You may be able to find yourself some swedish hasbeens if you use this item below:

swedish hasbeens on Shopstyle:

swedish hasbeens on Amazon:

Thank you for visiting, and happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

This post is over. Nothing more to discuss. Unless... you want to discuss...

Are you a fan of swedish hasbeens? What do you think about their shoes?

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