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Monday, June 6, 2016


John Marine | 1:40 PM | | | |
Monogrammed items seriously cry luxe to many people. Whether it's a basic T-shirt or something like pajamas or accent pillows, having monogrammed material can add immensely unique personal charm to outfits and items. Monograms are unisex- so both males and females often enjoy monogrammed items. Usually, a monogrammed item bears the first letter of someone's name. So a male named Daniel or a female named Madison would (respectively) have monogrammed items with "D" or "M." What makes monogrammed items so appealing is the simple fact they bear an initial to one's name. Almost as if to say, "this is _____'s pajamas," or "this is _____'s phone cover." And rather than someone's full name, the item is simply represented by an initial of someone's name. Some fancier types would use the initials to their first name, middle name, and surname and have it all as one monogram for certain items. Monogrammed items simply offer some immense personal appeal to say the least.

Here are a few items to showcase monogrammed items:

monogram pullover
^ from: - This is a monogrammed pullover.

moongram jewelry
^ from: - Jewelry of different kinds can be monogrammed items.

monogram bags
^ from: - Who doesn't love having bags or luggage that is monogrammed?

I don't own any monogrammed items, and I wouldn't really want any. However, it would be cool if I did own a few monogrammed items. I have nothing against monogrammed items. So if stuff like this interests you, you have my full approval to proudly showcase and enjoy your monogrammed items.

Monogrammed Items Online.

If you'd like to get yourself some monogrammed stuff, please use the following item below to look for some monogrammed stuff:

That's all for this one. Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

Well, that's it for another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post.

What do you think about monogrammed items? Do you own any monogrammed items?

Thanks to all of you for continually supporting my work. I hope you have yourself a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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