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Sunday, July 17, 2016


John Marine | 9:42 PM | | |
Flip-flop/thong sandals are what most know Brazilian designer Havaianas for. Considering lots of people have at least one pair of such sandals, it's best I discuss Havaianas' footwear here. You may even find something different about this designer. I will be featuring Havaianas here for your pleasure. Hope you enjoy this post!

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Let's get this one started!

Havianas flip-flop/thong sandals
^ from: - Here is a rainbow of Havianas flip-flop/thong sandals.

Havaianas lay claim to being the originator of flip-flop/thong sandals. The first of such sandals from this Brazilian designer originated in 1962 by a Scottish man named Robert Fraser. You surely can't go one day out in public and not see at least one pair of flip-flop/thong sandals of some kind. You may see such sandals from other brands and designers, but it all began with Havaianas. They have offerings for males and females of all ages. Havaianas even come in various collections. Since this is a Brazilian company, their measurements will be much different from the ones you may be accustomed to. So you may need to have some conversions done in case you want to buy their footwear for your feet.

These sandals from Havaianas come in many different colors and designs. Mostly, the usual flat-bottoms with the thong support is what you will get. Nothing too out of the norm from this designer is offered. Besides flip-flop/thong sandals, they also have other kinds of shoes they offer. They also offer espadrilles and rain boots. All items are offered in the same colorful style with a host of colors and patterns. They even offer things like key chains, totes, and even smartphone covers.

Here is some insight on Havaianas. Check this out (WARNING: only in Portuguese):

^ "Havaianas - Adivinho com Susana Vieira"

So as you're trying to find some comfortable shoes to slip on either around the house or even for outfits and you wear flip-flop/thong sandals, be sure to thank Havaianas for providing sandals that are worn as religiously as jeans. Considering so many different designers (including no-name brands) have made their own flip-flop/thong sandals, it is surprising Havaianas doesn't have a stronger presence than it probably should. Think about it for a moment. You'll mostly see Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, Dr. Martens combat boots, and UGG sheepskin boots; but you rarely see Havaianas footwear much. I think only a few times have I seen Havianas in magazine ads. Perhaps this company has a stronger presence elsewhere, but I just find it a bit odd I don't see too many Havaianas flip-flop/thong sandals as much as I've seen common shoes from common designers.

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Learn more about Havaianas by going to their official store at

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