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Thursday, August 18, 2016

When Heels Break

John Marine | 12:18 AM | |
Any wardrobe malfunction strikes fear. Nothing hurts more than when heels break, especially with traditional heeled shoes. Most platforms and wedges usually don't present this risk. However, traditional heeled shoes have this risk. Either shoes that have been so worn or are of cheap quality will see the heels of such shoes break off. If this happens as you're going about, you may fall over and risk injury (and in the worst cases- even death from injuries). Let me set the mood with a picture and a thought I hope no fashionista will ever have to experience:

broken heels
^ from: - Nothing lasts forever, including heels to shoes.

So what happens when your favorite heels break? Well, you have some options:

• go to a shoe repair shop to have your shoes repaired
• if you are talented enough, repair them yourself
• just buy a new pair of shoes

We all are enticed by the appeal of high heels and stiletto-type heels. Despite their appeal, it can be heartbreaking to see your favorite pair of heels break. Certain heeled shoes can break. In my research of this topic, I've even seen pictures of low-heel and kitten-heel shoes have broken heels. Yes... even low-heeled shoes can have broken heels. I guess for some fashionable types, this may be all the reason to wear something like flat or wedge footwear. The chances of heels breaking on most flats and wedges are next to none!

One of my blogging friends had the unfortunate experience of broken heels. In a somewhat recent post, curvy petite fashion blogger Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" planned on wearing a fine pair of silvery pumps in an outfit post, but they broke on her. Needless to say, the replacement heels were not bad at all. You can read her post here: Wild Card Wednesday: Silver Stripes (Style Cassentials).

I hope no one has to experience having the heels of their shoes break. However, and unfortunately... this does happen. So please be careful when wearing certain heeled shoes. If the quality of the shoes are bad, it may be time for you to find a better pair of heeled shoes. Regardless, please take care as you're wearing heels.

This was a brief post in regards to fashion. If you want to start a discussion, here's a question:

Have you ever had the heels of your shoes broken? Did you try to get them repaired or buy a new pair of shoes instead?

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