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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Glam Fab Happy

John Marine | 9:55 AM |
Stylish Serbian Jelena Zivanovic runs "Glam Fab Happy." This is a fashion blog that also contains beauty and travel insights. Jelena shares some of her modeling shoots from her past. In addition, she also designs jewelry. Regardless, there is lots to love about Jelena and the work she provides in fashion, beauty, and travel. It is a positive space with lots of fun insight.

This post marks the start of a new Label, so here is a description:

About the Label: "Other Personalities"

Blog posts under this label feature certain fashionable folks, ranging from fashion bloggers to certain other fashion personalities on sites like LOOKBOOK or even YouTube. The point of these posts is to highlight on certain individuals for their style. Commentary is of my own and may include some honest opinions and critiques on individuals' style. To avoid any possible copyright issues, I usually avoid hotlinking images of the featured personalities and instead will maybe try to find some videos. Of course, any featured material is offered for educational purposes.

Glam Fab Happy

It was some time back in February 2012 when I first found Jelena's blog when it was known as "Glam Fab Chameleon." I know it was around that time because I posted a comment on one of her outfits in February 2012. Anyhow, I have been more than pleased to visit and comment on her blog for the longest. What was once known as "Glam Fab Chameleon" became "Glam Fab Happy" in later times. Yet still, Jelena's style still remained unique and fun. Jelena is not so much about trends, but a lot of her outfits and styles are more color-based. So she could easily come up with an outfit or some beauty touches based on a combination of colors. Jelena even shares some of her jewelry designs as well.

"Glam Fab Happy" is not just a fashion blog. It is also a showcase of travel. Jelena is from Serbia but based in Greece. Considering she is in Greece, Jelena often times features a variety of lovely Greek locales, mostly Greek tropical beaches and islands. There are even a handful of Instagram images of hers she shares weekly.

In addition to her blogging work, Jelena often shares her various insights in YouTube videos. To give you an idea of Jelena and the awesomeness she provides, I invite you to take a look at these videos I selected to feature in this post.

^ VALTOS BEACH: or How to stay fit in Parga!:D

I think Jelena has a voice as pretty as her looks. That is demonstrated in these videos. And as a bonus... one is in English, and the other is in her native Serbian tongue:

^ Small beauty haul + Get to know my "Entertaining side"

^ Make-up idea for Women's Day (in Serbian)

Isn't she awesome? :)


Jelena does a great job offering her various insights in fashion and travel. She in fact has gotten me to better appreciate the beauty of Greece, not to say I haven't had any appreciation of Greece to begin with. I certainly have been used to and fond of Mykonos. I think I've noted Jelena a lot with Santorini. As for the outfits, Jelena brings great energy and personality to her outfits. Never brash or hateful, she just brings wonderful style. I am truly fond of her style and her loveliness.

If Jelena herself is reading this, all I can say is for you to keep up the great work and continue providing great insights both in your blog and in your videos.

Since September 1 (the initial date of this blog post) is her birthday, allow me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jelena!

For More Information...

If you would like to say hello to my blogging friend, here are (respectively) her blog and YouTube Channel:

Glam Fab Happy
Jelena Z. on YouTube

(Optional) You can say that I sent you to her blog and/or YouTube channel. :)

I actually wanted to feature various fashion personalities for the longest. It's only been now that I've decided to feature fashion bloggers, fashion vloggers, and various other online personalities somehow connected to fashion. I will try to devote more posts towards more individuals in the future. What I am hoping to do is get some people who like fashion to perhaps visit these sites to see the different styles of such individuals while also providing some honest commentary about them. Who else could I feature? You'll have to find out in future posts to this blog. So I hope you enjoyed this post. There will perhaps be more to come in the future. Until then, thank you for reading this StyleSpace by JBM post! Take care and be well.

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