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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reworked by Nicolle

John Marine | 1:10 PM | |
Denim has its own character. However, what if you wanted denim with a rocker edge? Nicolle Evans and "Reworked by Nicolle" may be of help to you. The Welsh designer @reworkedbynicolle brings rock-style edge to any denim items. Denim doesn't have to be boring anymore! You CAN stand out! Let Nicolle do the work for you. In support of a friend, I figured I offer you all a post about the wonderful Nicolle.

Before I Continue...

This blog post is a casual one in which I haven't been paid or sponsored to discuss this designer. Again- this is just a casual post that I just want to draw some attention to.

Reworked by Nicolle

Now that I have your attention about Nicolle and her work, it's time to offer some extra commentary.

Reworked. Reborn. Real.

Nicolle Evans is someone whom I first encountered on LOOKBOOK. This was a lovely lady with some fine fashion style. I later learned of Nicolle and a certain passion of hers. Using influences from rock music (and some non-rock music), she had a knack for reworking denim outfits with studs and other edgy elements. Nicolle supposedly established "Reworked by Nicolle" back in 2014. I say "supposedly" because I learned this while researching this topic.

While I do admit that rock style culture isn't my thing, I do think Nicolle does a great job showcasing such reworked garments. "Reworked by Nicolle" will really allow for some bad you-know-what style to any denim garment. She even has started making certain non-denim reworked items. For example, she recently re-styled a leather military coat with a handful of her edgy style. So it is safe to say she will have no problem offering unique and expressive reworkings of items, especially those wanting some rock-influenced style to their denim. One needs only look at her various outfits to see what she's all about.

What If Nicolle Were to Read This?

I would like to wish you continued success, Nicolle. Maybe my post could steer some of my readers to your site and gauge your fashion work. I hope my efforts have been enough to try to get a few more people to visit your site and see your work.

For More Information... is where you can see Nicolle's work. Facebook users can visit Reworked by Nicolle on Facebook for a look at her offerings and designs on Facebook. You can also see some of her work from her Tumblog at: Reworked by Nicole (Tumblr). She's also on Etsy, too. Check out her Etsy offerings at: reworkedbynicolle on Etsy.

The post you just read has now concluded. I appreciate your continued support. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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