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Marta Purriños of @addictbeiconic is a Spanish fashionista with unique fashion charm. She is known for infusing masculine style with even the most feminine outfits. She can be ultra-feminine in one outfit, then boyish in another. In other words, Marta can be stylish in a feminine way or in a masculine way. Since I have sort of been on critiquing and mentioning certain fashion personalities, I figured mentioning another wouldn't hurt. So let's do another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post!

Just like with all of the posts of mine regarding other personalities, I am not hotlinking images. I do this to avoid possible copyright issues. Some do allow for images to be featured on other sites as long as credit is given. But still, I will not hotlink images of certain fashion personalities I feature- especially that of fashion bloggers and other online fashion personalities.

Addict be Iconic

Marta Purriños is the personality behind "Addict be Iconic." The biggest draw to this stylish lady from Spain her style is how uniquely she infuses masculine influence even her most feminine outfits. She even describes her style as offering "a splash of masculinity." Depending on your views, this is either a unique touch or ruining outfits. I learned of Marta once on LOOKBOOK. When I got to appreciate her sense of style, I immediately started following her on LOOKBOOK, Facebook, and elsewhere. While I may have not approved or liked all of her outfits, I do have a general appreciation for the sense of style she provides.

Marta's Fashion Style.

When it comes to outfits, Marta plays both ends of the field, so to speak. She will nicely wear a feminine style outfit. I've seen Marta wear some gorgeous feminine outfits. These can be beautiful dresses ranging from midi length to floor-draping gorgeousness. She can wear some feminine lovely pants outfits or jumpsuits. She can even wear some cute shorts outfits. If the beach comes calling, there's Marta in some fine swimwear. If going glam gets boring, that's okay- she'll find a basic T-shirt and jeans outfit with some sneakers or other casual shoes. That's her feminine side... what about the masculine side? Marta still delivers feminine style even with more masculine and boyish outfits, but she does so in a way where she could almost entirely pass as a boy. It is also possible she may not wear lipstick with her outfits. Personally, I am not really as excited seeing a female look incredibly boyish. However, Marta does this in a way that is stylish.

Marta in Videos.

I think Marta is very unique in how she styles her outfits and how she showcases her style. I will feature a few videos featuring Marta. Take a look at this first one as part of a stylish TV spot:

^ "Spot Beurban Marta 30s"

Whether showing feminine style or masculine style (or a little of both), one other thing is beautiful about Marta- her voice. I've heard her speak in a number of videos. While my Spanish has failed me since my High School days, I think she has a very sweet voice. You can listen for yourself speak in her native tongue from this video I am providing for educational purposes:

^ "De Chachocola a Ecoleyendas Urbanas: Marta Purriños"

Like I said, I like her voice.

What if Marta is Reading This Post?

Marta, let me say first and foremost that your fashion style is incredibly unique. You have a certain way to your style that makes you unique among others. I will admit you bring amazing style to the most feminine of outfits... and even the most masculine of outfits. You speak sweetly with a wonderful voice. I have enjoyed many, if not all of your outfits. I wish you continued success in all arenas of life even outside of fashion and modeling. You are no doubt a superstar. To that end... shine on, superstar! :)

For More Information...

Do you want to see Marta showcase her fashion style to you? If so, please visit her site at: http://addictbeiconic.com/. Her old blog at addictbeiconic.blogspot.com.es. Got Facebook? "Like" this lady with this link: Addict be Iconic on Facebook.

NOTE: I learned of Marta's new site as I was trying to research this topic! So you learned of this new site as I have.

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