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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cute & Little

John Marine | 1:35 PM | |
(UPDATED: January 8, 2017)
Kileen is @cutenlittle. At least she's honest- she is a cute petite! It was a long time ago I first visited Kileen's blog. Representing the Dallas, TX, USA area; Kileen offers her own insights in fashion as well as parenting. This Taiwanese beauty will be featured in this blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM."


JAN 8 2017 - wrong Twitter handle.

Cute and Little

To continue this look at various personalities I've featured in this blog, I give you another name. Get to know the lady I am about to feature in this post.

Cute and Little... and Awesome!

Kileen is a petite fashion blogger from Dallas, Texas, USA. For as long as I can remember and when I was starting to meet certain petite fashion bloggers, I once visited Kileen's blog "Cute and Little." Kileen's contribution to the fashion blogging scene was in her various "Color Brigade" posts. This is where she showcases various fashion bloggers wearing some fine colors with their fine outfits. Besides posting about fashion, she would also post about parenting and various parenting insights, especially when she became a mother. Kileen remains as stylish and as fun with her work as ever. At times, she has taken her petite fashion insight into videos and some TV appearances. That even includes once for the FOX affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth and also once for Eye Opener TV. I would eventually learn of Kileen's blog as I was trying to find various petite fashion bloggers some time after posting my "Sweet Petite!" blog post on "John's Blog Space." Though she has a YouTube channel, it hasn't much been updated in a long while.

Here is a very old YouTube video of hers. It is provided as a see-and-hear basis as I provide in posts like these:

^ Product Review

Kileen's beauty begins with her charming smile and pretty face. They are then complimented with a fine hairstyle. I most adore Kileen for the energy she exhibits with her outfits. Even if the weather is overcast or rainy, she is stylish sunshine. A lot of her outfits are mostly chic and appropriate either for the office or for elegant occasions. However, she does have a bunch of casual pieces and sometimes active outfits. Many of Kileen's outfits are easy-on-the-eyes beautiful. As someone who has followed her blog for quite a few years, Kileen remains beautiful before, during, and after becoming a mother. Kileen is a petite princess who proudly and stylishly wears her crown.

What If Kileen Is Reading This?

Kileen, I have enjoyed following your work for the longest. I can only wish you the best in everything moving forward in life. I am hopeful you continue providing your incredible fashion style and personality in all of your work. You are an amazing individual. I wish you continued success, good fortune, and a lot more that life has to offer.

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