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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stylish Petite

John Marine | 11:25 PM | |
Annie is a @stylishpetite. If she wasn't, why would she say she is stylish? Once known as "Really Petite," "Stylish Petite" features the fashion insights of Annie. While most of her outfits are mostly classy offerings, Annie also offers a handful of casual and chic offerings. Annie's blog was one among many petite fashion bloggers I would eventually learn of and appreciate. So allow me the opportunity to share "Stylish Petite" with you all in this "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post.

Stylish Petite

Time to chat about Annie and her style. Read on, enthused ones...

Really Stylish Petite.

Annie runs the blog "Stylish Petite." When I first learned of her as I was trying to see various petite fashion bloggers, her blog was then known as "Really Petite." I cared enough about her blog and her outfits that I stuck around to enjoy her work further. Annie expresses herself in a variety of outfits and situations. A lot of her outfit posts are usually from the mirror or in changing rooms. She does a lot of "where-I-stand" posts also. While Annie is a stylish lady, she is also petite. So she showcases some of her fashion challenges in trying to find good-fitting, good-looking clothing in her posts. Rarely does Annie disappoint in finding such fine clothing for her petite frame. I came across her blog as I was trying to learn of various other petite fashion blogs after visiting "Sydney's Fashion Diary" (which was "PetiteLittleGirl" at the time). I stuck around long enough to appreciate and still appreciate "Stylish Petite" even before the name change to "Really Petite."

Annie is beautiful in looks, but she is also beautiful speaking. I think her voice is as beautiful as any of her outfits. Have a listen:

^ 9 Fall Fashion Staples

Annie mostly features office-type fashions and those maybe for elegant occasions. Even still, she will sport a fine jeans outfit for more casual settings. Girly and classy styles make up a lot of her outfits. Comfortable skirts, dresses, and charming separates are often what you will see worn by this fashionista. Her beauty also shines with various light-colored outfits. There is also polka dot garments that tickle Annie's fancy often times. Footwear usually is either a chic pair of pointed-toe pumps or a pair of booties. Also, those booties could either be closed-toe or peep-toe in variety. Annie will also rock a pair of tall boots. Of the many outfits I've seen, I adore ankle-bow pumps and ankle-bow sandals best. There is no limit to the amount of charm and style she brings. All of her outfits are met with her angelic smile and her lovely hairstyle.

Annie surely has her fair share of critics, but I for one think she is a beautiful woman with beautiful style. I don't have a favorite post of hers or a favorite outfit of hers, but I have adored a great variety of her outfits to regard her as an amazing person. Besides fashion, I most admire Annie for boasting hard-working and determined character along with being positive and strong all the while. She certainly has style and certain status if having items like Louboutin pumps and Chanel handbags. Perhaps this is the most beautiful thing about Annie regardless of even her most impressive outfits. I wouldn't have stuck with Annie if I didn't continually believe she consistently and constantly puts together fabulous outfits. I probably wouldn't even have come up with this blog post on her if I didn't believe in her and her style. So to that end...

What if Annie Were to Read This?

Annie, let me personally tell you that I admire your work. You have worn some outstanding outfits and have looked truly beautiful in most, if not all of your outfits. I have long respected you and your work. Haters are going to hate. However, I am no hater, and I don't intend to have a change of heart any time soon on you and/or your style. You are beautiful for more reasons than your fashion style. Your adamant personality and your ability to be impervious to any and all hate makes you every bit as powerful as your visual beauty. Keep up the great work with all you do. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life. Please take care and be well. Most of all... thank you for providing your incredible fashion insight. In addition, I think people should also regard you in terms of being a positive influence in life and business.

For More Information...

Check out Annie's blog here: Stylish Petite. Though this is not an outfit post, I am sharing a memorable post from my reading of "Stylish Petite" (and even from the "Really Petite" days). Take a look at this: "How to Get What You Want in Life and Fashion" (Stylish Petite).

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