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Friday, December 23, 2016

She Said He Said

John Marine | 6:17 PM |
@She_saidHe_said is one fashion blog with two perspectives. This is the blog of Chelsea (She Said) and John (He Said). Together, they critique each others' styles and are totally honest. A more complete look on style is offered here from these two. This post is a little look at the little blog by these two fine folks. Welcome again to "StyleSpace by JBM"- the stylish space of my blogging universe!

She Said He Said

How about I showcase these two individuals now?

She Said, He Said, They Said...

"She Said He Said" features the fashion perspectives of Chelsea (She Said) and John (He Said). These two critique each others' fashion with all honesty. Most of the posts usually involve fair criticism of John looking at Chelsea's outfits. Though at times, it's John critiqued by Chelsea. So the two go back and forth. I mention honesty. If Chelsea wears an outfit that seems too cute or if certain parts of the outfit could be better, John will express it. John would even talk about if Chelsea looks sexy in whatever she wears. Even if you know nothing of these two, at least know that these two offer fashion perspective not seen in most other blogs. I think I learned of this blog when Chelsea saw one of my blog posts on "John's Blog Space" or even here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

I said this before to Chelsea- this is one of the most unique fashion blogs on the Internet. Both Chelsea and John do a great job critiquing each others' style. Also cool is just the bond between these two. Being together and staying together for so long is surely a testament of love. If these two didn't come together and have the same sort of vision on fashion that they do, I think "She Said He Said" wouldn't have been possible. Of course, there are the people who continually visit the blog who make it possible to share more of their style. To that end, I am very pleased to learn of and appreciate this blog. John is a handsome fellow (not to mention a member of the John brotherhood :D), and Chelsea is fabulously beautiful. I agreed and disagreed with John's comments of Chelsea's outfits. Even still, this is a great blog that offers something a bit different in regards to discussing fashion.

What If Chelsea and/or John Were Reading This?

To Chelsea: Your style is amazing, and you are a beautiful lady. I offer you my best wishes in all aspects of life. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your outfits. I dont' regularly visit, but I have the greatest of respect for you.

To John: You do as fine a job on this blog as Chelsea. I also hope for the best for you in all aspects of life. Take care and be well.

To Chelsea and John: STAY AWESOME! :)

For More Information...

If you want to step into the world of Chelsea and John, "She Said He Said" can be accessed here:

You have a great day/night. Glad you could drop by to view my blog and its posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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