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Friday, December 23, 2016

Nany's Klozet

John Marine | 7:28 PM |
Meet Daniela of @nanysklozet. This Venezuelan beauty nicknamed "Nany" runs "Nany's Klozet." She shares her fashion insights in her blog and in her videos. There is no doubt this fashionista shines brightly with her style. I hope to properly critique and introduce you to her blog and her style in case you haven't an idea of her style. So welcome to another blog post of mine here on "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Nany's Klozet

Time to introduce you to Nany's Klozet and the lady behind it.

Daniela Diosa.

"Nany's Klozet" is run by Daniela Ramirez (or "Nany"). This petite is from Venezuela, but she is based in Miami, Florida, USA. Her fashion style covers the bases of casual and chic. She could go from a pair of denim shorts with some brogues or even go with a cropped top and maxi skirt outfit with some platform wedge sandals. Daniela has a pretty smile and hairstyle that compliments her outfits and style nicely. She has done a number of collaborations with many companies and has done a handful of videos from various companies. Whatever she expresses in her blog posts could also be shared in her videos. Her videos are offered both in English and in Spanish. But mostly in videos, she speaks in her native Spanish tongue.

This is one of Daniela's videos. Check it:

^ How to do a subtle SMOKEY EYE? *for beginners*

I think where Daniela shines brightest is with her personality. She brings an energy to outfits that make her style come even more alive than she generates with any of her outfits. Outfits include casual pieces, beach outfits, and some chic offerings. Casual outfits of hers are more of the chic and fun variety. Being in Miami, you tend to enjoy the beach a lot. To that end, Daniela also offers some great beach and resort outfits to add to her range of styles. So she does it all and showcases her style the way only she can.

Daniela is nothing short of beautiful. Her smile and her style are sunshine, and she stylishly shines. I enjoy listening to her voice in her videos. While I am not as adept with Spanish as I used to be, I think Daniela has a very nice voice along with her accent. Her personality is wonderful and really makes her outfit posts even more special.

What If Daniela Were to Read This?

Since learning of your blog long ago, I've appreciated your style. All or most of your offerings catch my eye almost all the time whether casual, chic, or any swimwear. You are a fabulous South American beauty. I extend you my best wishes in all aspects of life. Please take care and be well. I also hope you enjoyed my thoughts on your fashion work. ¡Eres muy hermosa!

For More Information...

Want to step into Nany's Klozet? You can here:

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