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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Style Cassentials

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@StyleCassential is the blog of petite blogger Cassandra (or Cassie). I learned of this curvy petite from the greater St. Louis, Missouri, USA area when I blogged about Bruno Mars on "John's Blog Space." I since have had the chance to visit her blog. I have also enjoyed her blog for the longest. I am continuing my look at various bloggers whom I've followed or admired by making mention to the beautiful Cassandra.

To avoid any sort of copyright infringement or anything, I do not hotlink images from the individuals mentioned when I post about certain individual bloggers or other fashion personalities.

Style Cassentials

Why don't we get to know Cassandra (or Cassie) a bit? Let's do this...

Little Lady, Big Beauty.

When you're 4'9" (or 144.78 cm) like Cassandra is, you don't tower over too many people. One of my old Middle School friends was 4'8", and I even once known someone who was 3'8". Anyhow, Cassandra can best be described like I describe almost any petite woman- a little lady with big beauty. Cassandra shares a lot of insight in fashion along with some life insights. She is also a contributing author to "The Curvy Fashionista." "The Curvy Fashionista" is a blog devoted entirely to plus-size fashion personalities and bloggers. Cassandra once compelled me to meet one plus-size blogger named Jolene of the fashion blog "Boardroom Blonde." So Cassie has done a lot for me to enjoy her fashion style as well as a few extra insights away from her own personal style.

Being short in stature is a challenge in its own right. Being short in stature and curvy is another unique challenge. Cassandra meets both with her own unique style and charm. At times, she has even shared personal insight trying to dress up and having body confidence. She isn't afraid to wear swimwear or any daring outfits. A lot of her outfits are mostly classy pieces suitable for the office and even for dressy occasions. She will wear some very nice skirt outfits and dress outfits. Pants ranging from slim legs to palazzo pants are also part of her vast wardrobe. Cassie even rocked a jumpsuit or two among her various outfits. Cassandra can even go the casual route. She'll sport garments such as jeans and some slim pants in some of her casual outfits. In more recent outfits, she even has adopted wearing sneakers with some casual outfits.

If a certain kind of outfit best describes Cassandra's style, it would mostly be a stylish skirt outfit or dress outfit adorned with some kind of peep-toe shoes (usually peep-toe booties). She even has fun with fashion with a few fun outfits of hers. One example would include Cassandra wearing a tulle skirt along with a pair of skin-tone peep-toe booties. Some of her fashion pictures are even fun also. No matter what outfits she wears, Cassandra's style truly shines when she smiles as sweetly and as cutely as she does. Her hair is styled very well also whether up or down. I really think Cassandra is a very beautiful lady. And while I may or may not approve all of her outfits, she is diverse and stylish in all of her different outfits.

Besides her fashion insight, one post of hers that got to me was a post called "Sacred Spaces." It is a kind of thought-provoking post while also showcasing a fine Bohemian-type outfit of hers. Cassandra is a great writer. She even calls her blog as a positive place. So what you're getting is a fine fashion experience along with many other fine items to keep things interesting. You also have to appreciate her witty and lighthearted character with her posts and outfits, including naming her blog as "Style Cassentials." I don't think you'll be disappointed should you visit her blog.

What If Cassandra Were to Read This?

I thank you kindly for being so supportive of my work. You are an amazing individual. I can only wish you continued success with your blogging work. You are totally fabulous.

For More Information...

Say hello to my blogging friend Cassandra! Go to Style Cassentials to visit her blog and to check out her style, and if you are interested in the "Sacred Spaces" post I mentioned, here you go: Sacred Spaces (Style Cassentials). As an author for "The Curvy Fashionista," here are posts of hers on that blog: Cassandra's posts on "The Curvy Fashionista".

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