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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sensible Stylista

John B. Marine | 8:40 PM |
Kimberly Kong is the @SensibleStylist. As such, she provides style for the frugal girl. Kimberly is also adept at piano play. So this is a fashionista that hits all the right notes in fashion and in music. From LOOKBOOK, I have enjoyed her style for the longest. Since I have lately been showcasing certain individuals in fashion whom I've followed, here is another name to throw into the hat of fashion individuals I've blogged about. So get to know Kimberly Kong and Sensible Stylista with this "StyleSpace by JBM" post!

Kimberly does fashion and music, but the greater concentration of this blog post is on her fashion. I will, however, make mention to her music later in this post.

Sensible Stylista

You have mostly been spotting a theme with my post on other fashion personalities. And so... Kimberly Kong was yet another person whom I've found on LOOKBOOK. I have enjoyed her style ever since. Here is some video insight on Kimberly:

^ "Finally on YouTube || Sensible Stylista"

I could feature her music, but this is my fashion blog, and so I'll stay with the fashionable side of Kimberly. And to that point, I give you Kimberly wearing this outfit:

^ "Sensible Stylista x Trollbeads"

Kimberly has even been featured on LOOKBOOK. Take a look at this article in case you are interested: Kimberly Kong: In Love With Style and Chopin (LOOKBOOK).

So you now have a little idea on Kimberly. More chatter to come.

All the Right Notes, All the Right Style.

Kimberly Kong is a Korean-American fashionista out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; by way of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is a stylish lady who is also a pianist. Her super-cool personality shines about as bright the many outfits she has put together. The majority of outfits featured by her are mostly classy outfits meant for the office or for certain formal functions. Outside of her chic side, Kimberly does provide more casual outfits as part of her repertoire of styles. Outside of fashion, Kimberly has been playing the piano since childhood. She can play a mean piano piece while also collaborating with her cello-playing friend Alicia Ward. Together, they are the Ward-Kong Duo.

To say the least, I think Kimberly Kong is truly one of the loveliest ladies in the world. If even her lovely hairstyle and smile don't hit you, her style DEFINITELY will. I am not certain as to how long I have followed Kimberly and her style, but I think she is a lovely lady whose style only gets better getting older. Kimberly has always been lovely and stylish since I first encountered her on LOOKBOOK; she's just more so stylish of late. She provides a level of classy elegance and charm the likes not many others can match. A lot of her finest skirt and dress outfits just exude a level of beauty and charm that is nothing short of incredible. Some of her rather sexier and romantic pieces are sexy without going overboard. Even most of her other outfits have their own amazing charm and je ne sais quoi that just makes Kimberly fabulous. She hits all the right notes and is in perfect harmony with both her fashion and her music.

What if Kimberly is Reading This?

It is a total joy to know you and to observe your wonderful fashion style. You surely have my full respect with all of your fine outfits and your amazing style. I wish you the best in all aspects of life outside of fashion and style.

For More Information...

Want to check out Sensible Stylista? Clicky (in her words): And in case you're interested in the musical side of Kimberly, check her out here: and here:

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