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Monday, January 2, 2017


John Marine | 9:42 AM | | |
Chic meets sporty. So is the way of the athleisure trend. It is a styling exercise to add chic style to active-type outfits and even add sportiness to chic outfits. Can we really make sporty chic? Many have tried. But just because you try something doesn't mean it will work. Trying the athleisure style is something tried by the likes of males and females alike. But as we all know, feminine fashion is more versatile. So you'll see a lot more of females trying to balance sporty and chic. I mostly will look at the feminine side of athleisure.

Since this is the first post of 2017 on "StyleSpace by JBM"...


Now onto the main points of this topic.


I can't really find a decent picture to use to define this trend, so I'll go without an image to identify this post.

Athleisure, as I perceive it, is about trying to make active-type fashions stylish or add sporty style to the most chic outfits. Think athleisure as the combination of "athletic" and "leisure." Athlesiure is basically what it sounds like. There are two dynamics to athleisure. The first is to try to play up active outfits by wearing items to add chic appeal. Commonly, an easy example could involve pairing active leggings with high-heel pumps. There are also those who take jogger pants and try to wear some chic shoes with them. On the other hand, there's trying to take an outfit that is in no way active, yet easily add some sporty elements to it. An example would be having a lovely sundress or a dainty maxi dress and wear some active sneakers with them. Or maybe one takes a T-shirt and denim jean shorts look and pairs them with some active trainers. Another possibility in athleisure is wearing a sports bra as a cropped top paired with maybe some jeans or a frilly skirt. The options are out there, and there is no "wrong" way to try to incorporate this trend.

There is a unique play to athleisure that fashionable types try to cash in on. Wearing active clothing is an all-business thing, like wearing work boots and overalls for certain industrial job sites. People may also get the impression that activewear is frumpy even with designers that offer fun and stylish options for active fashion. So to make things less frumpy and more fun, there are those who will try to put together outfits that balance active and chic/casual. Some attempts to try to balance both worlds end up being outfit ruining. Then too, athleisure can be as common as the girl (used loosely) who wears yoga pants but doesn't do any sort of active activities (let alone yoga). Basically those who wear such garments for style or comfort.

Besides all of this, there are those who may simply wear some active sneakers as more comfortable footwear, especially in formal or semi-formal situations. I won't argue much here on that front.

Athleisure Examples.

The blogger I will mention here has had her own take on the trend, though she stresses others have put their own take on the trend. This is not a textbook example of athleisure, but it is her own. This is an example from Cassandra of "Style Cassentials":

"Wild Card Wednesday: Athleisure" (Style Cassentials) « a rather casual dress outfit.

Here is another petite with an athleisure style outfit. This is a jumpsuit styled quite nicely:

"Office Jumpsuit (Athleisure At Its Best!" (Cute & Little) « an active-style jumpsuit styled in a classy way.

This post offers some takes on what you should and shouldn't do in regards to wearing the athleisure style:

"The Do’s and Don’ts of Athleisure Wear" (Cute Outfits) « five different outfit ideas on athleisure.

Maybe I'll offer more proper examples in any future edits to this post.

Video Insight.

Sydne Summer offers her thoughts on athleisure with this video:

^ How To Dress Sporty Chic

Athleisure: Final Thoughts.

Should you try the athleisure trend? Who is to say you shouldn't? Most of what I have seen in trying to add sportiness to chic outfits have been failures. You can't expect to introduce some sporty elements and try to properly balance chic and sporty. Many a time have I seen things like lovely skirt and dress outfits ruined because of a poor choice of shoes. Most of you who have been long time readers of my blog know that I think shoe choice is crucial in completing outfits. The wrong pair can throw off an entire outfit. When critiquing certain outfits, I've received some negative responses just because I think a certain pair of sneakers ruined an otherwise fine outfit.

I've seen certain chic dresses and skirts paired with active sneakers that ruined everything. I will be the one to knock an outfit with a charming dress paired with certain sneakers that just ruin the balance of the outfit. For example, this is like pairing basketball sneakers with a short formal dress. It may look "cute," but it ultimately looks terrible. I actually seen this when I saw a High School basketball game on the ESPN networks where a reporter wore a pretty black formal dress with some basketball shoes. And I was thinking... NO!!! What were you thinking?

I guess if you were to try athleisure, I would mostly stick to certain pieces that don't entirely ruin the outfit. For a sporty office-style outfit, maybe try a dressy blouse with some dressy pants and some active trainer sneakers. Considering the sensual appeal of active leggings, it is also possible to go with active leggings and some chic pumps, chic sandals, or even chic boots.

Remember it can be extremely easy to try to merge chic and sporty and ruin the balance of an outfit. So pick proper pieces and avoid making a horrific fashion mistake. Otherwise, I'd stay away from trying to make this style look great. I have yet to see someone actually pull off quality outfits in the vein of athleisure. That's why I am dismissing this trend.

I hope you found this post interesting. Care to discuss this topic? Let's do so! Here's my question to you all:

What is your take on the athleisure trend? How would you style such outfits? Do you actually have to be sporty to enjoy the athleisure trend?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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