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Leather Bottoms

Leather is not just for jackets, belts, and shoes. In fact, this blog post specifically is on leather bottoms. These are your pants, skirts, and the like. Don't like real leather? There are several kinds of faux leather and even vegan leather to tickle your fancy. If you love leather bottoms, I'm hopeful you'll get your fill of leather loving here.

NOTE: This is actually a very old blog post I started a few years ago (circa 2012) and rarely updated until now. So some links may be very old and may not link to the proper site.

Leather Bottoms

Leather bottoms come in several varieties. They come as pants, shorts, and skirts. A lot of fashionable types have worn many kinds of leather bottoms. I usually have seen various LOOKBOOK outfits and blog posts with females wearing leather shorts and skirts. Some jeans I've seen have leather panels to them, offering a little denim paired with leather. What if you love leather, but want to wear something guilt-free? You have fake leather as well as vegan leather. So you can wear leather without having to feel guilty.

Let's look at a few samples of leather bottoms...

Leather Jeans.

leather jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - The same five-pocket jean design can be enjoyed even in leather.

colorful leather jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - If black is too basic for you, leather bottoms can range from dark colors to popping colors such as these red leather jeans.

Leather Pants and Leggings.

leather pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - A pair of leather pants can be just as stylish and wearable as any non-leather or non-faux leather pants. Leather pants are stylish for males and females.

leather leggings
^ from: www.amazon.com - A pair of leather leggings can be pretty hot to wear.

leather bell bottom pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - If you adore bell bottoms, why not try a pair of leather bell bottoms? These are faux leather, by the way.

Feeling tough? Get a pair of chic boots to go with your leather pants or leather leggings. You foxy ladies out there can surely wear a pair of sky high heel pumps or some sexy high-heel sandals with leather pants.

Leather Shorts.

leather shorts
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Be hot with it! This is a deliciously sweet pair of leather hot shorts. These shorts are of vegan leather.

Even in the heat of Summer, leather shorts have been spotted by various females.

Leather Skirts.

leather skirt
^ from: www.shopbop.com - A leather skirt can either be sexy or (in this case) cute.

Since this blog post is about leather BOTTOMS, it would be pointless to mention leather dresses here. I chose a picture of this kind of leather skirt to show that not all leather skirts are pencil-like slim.

So you now have a look at leather bottoms of various kinds.

Leather Bottoms Around the Internet

Here are some bloggers (and other fine folks) who wear leather bottoms in outfits. These are either leather or faux leather bottoms worn by the people in question:

"Fall in Love (Oxblood faux leather pants)" (Maytedoll) « faux leather pants.
"A Cousinsinet Floppy Hat Meets Sunny Sydney" (Lucy and the Runaways) « leather shorts.
"Eiffel Tower Sweater" (Maytedoll) « leather shorts with tights and booties.
"Black and White Varsity" (Song of Style) « a sexy, sporty outfit with leather shorts.
"I'm wearing blue, but I'm not feeling blue because I love wearing vintage" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a short leather skirt.
"Don't tell my mom I own a leather skirt" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a long leather skirt.
"Fashion Favorites 2: Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, 9 Ways" (Style Cassentials) « multiple leather outfits worn by the blogger.

Have a look with leather bottoms and want to share it with me? Contact me via E-Mail or on my Facebook fan page. I will edit my post to include your work if I like it!

Leather Bottoms: Final Thoughts

Whether real leather or faux leather, I don't have any sort of problem with leather bottoms. Only kind of leather bottoms I haven't liked are bottoms that have leather panels to them. I'm talking about like jeans that have leather panels to them. I don't really like this kind of mix-and-match deal. As we say, though... to each his/her own.

If you are looking to score your own leather bottoms, I have provided you this item below. Check it out and happy shopping! :)

That's it for this blog post. If you want to discuss this topic, here is a discussion for you:

What do you think about leather bottoms? Are they better to wear in colder weather times as opposed to warm weather ones?

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