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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


John Marine | 3:00 PM | |
Elegance, grace, and empowerment- ladylike charm is powerful. It is maturity and great confidence which define some of the most elegant and ultra-feminine outfits. This blog post is a celebration of feminine outfits and styles that turn everyday ladies into beautiful goddesses. I want to make this blog post to share styles that are ladylike and charming. You're not going to find any grungy stuff here, nothing absolutely casual, none of this borrowed-from-the-boys crap... this is all about ladylike charm. So if you're ready, allow me to offer my celebration of ladylike style.

You should probably know that I'm a guy talking about ladylike fashion. Of course, this is all professional and real. I do hope you enjoy this post and all it has to offer.

Ladylike Style

What do I think defines ladylike style?

(NOTE: Some of these items may be featured in other posts here on StyleSpace, or may even be considered for future topics on StyleSpace.)

I think what defines ladylike style includes the following (among other aspects):

empowerment - a female with a bold persona and character with her clothing is able to exhibit ultra-feminine, ultra

pure confidence - a confident woman is a beautiful woman. She who is able to take chances and admire her style in some of the most feminine fashion pieces and touches is one who exhibits great confidence.

fun and comfort - While being confident and empowering are both great qualities, it also helps the lady in question is comfortable in what she wears and has fun. Such fashions should be fun and comfortable, and so should the lady wearing such feminine pieces.

Now that you have an idea of what I am considering to be ladylike, it is time I offer some of the key points regarding ladylike style.

Ladylike: Examples

Now for some fashion examples to exhibit ladylike style. This is not a definitive list of items, but a host of items to exhibit what I think equates to ladylike fashion based on fashion pieces.

NOTE: All of the following images are provided for educational purposes.

Ladylike: Elegant Skirts and Dresses.

ladylike elegant skirt or dress
^ from: (Pinterest) - Elegant skirts and dresses can make a female feel absolutely beautiful.

I once read this statement: "you're a woman. Wear a dress." Because skirts can be as elegant as dresses, I labeled this section about both skirts and dresses. The emphasis here is on more elegant pieces. Therefore, I am not counting anything like a denim jean skirt or anything. Wearing an elegant dress or skirt epitomizes ladylike elegance. The right kinds of elegant skirts and dress can make one feel like a princess or a goddess. Such garments don't have to be overly formal, though. Some can simply be elegant enough to where they don't borderline formal wear. Once you find an elegant skirt or dress, all you would need is to find an equally elegant pair of shoes or sandals to compliment your elegant loveliness. Speaking of shoes...

Ladylike: High Heels.

ladylike high heels
^ from: (Pinterest) - "The higher the heel, the hotter the girl," or so I read from one fashion blogger.

High heels elevate you not only visually but also mentally. Wearing them show you are in control. I must note that high heels can easily go from classy to trashy with the wrong set of heels. You don't want that if you are trying to exude ladylike class. You are best served with a chic pair of pumps or sandals. You know- more like office-appropriate pumps or sandals. The high-end types would be served with heels the likes of high-end designers like Louboutin, Manolo, or anything like that.

I will actually count oxford pumps as elegant footwear. Remember we are talking about classy and chic footwear options here.

Ladylike: High-Heel Peep-Toes and Open-Toes.

ladylike high heel and platform peep-toe or open-toe pumps
^ from: (Pinterest) - Peep-toe and open-toe shoes can be elegant, especially those with high heels and/or platform bases.

As a retro style, I tend to find peep-toe and open-toe shoes to be elegant. I prefer them with high heel shoes and platforms. The peep-toe look just don't look right with flatforms, low-heel shoes, or flats. That's just my personal opinion. Even platform peep-toes ranging from pumps to wedges offer fine elegance. Note that I didn't mention peep-toe boots at all in this section. That's because I don't see boots as elegant footwear, and peep-toe booties aren't elegant to me. Remember- we are discussing elegance in regards to ladylike style.

Ladylike: Off-Shoulder.

ladylike off-shoulder
^ from: - Even at their most casual, off-shoulder tops and dresses offer uniquely feminine elegance.

Showcasing your shoulders is a touch of elegance to me. Even more so with actually elegant garments. So this section pertains more towards elegant blouses and dresses with off-shoulder designs rather than certain tops that are strapless or don't cover the shoulders. There is a romantic quality to the off-shoulder look. And even if people think the off-shoulder look has overstayed its welcome with so many fashionistas rocking the look, at least this is something that exudes elegance and isn't the work of posers/poseurs.

Now for an unconventional concept of ladylike charm...

Ladylike: Pin-Up.

ladylike pin-up girl
^ from: - Pin-up girls are uniquely ladylike, though not elegant in the least sense.

If you fancy more vintage style, one ultra-feminine and ladylike deal is pin-up girls style. A lot of the styling touches with certain pin-up outfits and styles are very ladylike in my opinion. This is a more unique kind of ladylike style, though. It isn't exactly like the elegance I've preached constantly in this blog post. Still, the enticing view of a beautiful woman is portrayed in romantic ways with most pin-up girl images. Most of the key elements of ladylike charm present in most of the other elements I discussed in this blog post.

These are among many different ladylike touches. Or at least, to me.

Ladylike: Blogging Examples

These are blog posts I semi-randomly found to exhibit what I consider to be elegant or ladylike. These are only a few examples to prove the point of ladylike style. Follow these other blogs if you enjoy their work:

"ladylike" (keiko lynn) « cutely feminine black and white skirt outfit.
"The Temptress" (Style Cassentials) « an elegantly daring off-shoulder dress.
"Czarna dluga suknia z rozcieciem, cieliste rajstopy i szpilki" (Ari-Maj) « an elegant long dress with a high front slit.
"Via col vento" (Unconventional Secrets) « an elegant (if daring) mini dress with elegant sandals.
"Fame And Partners: My New Custom Made Dress" (Sensible Stylista) « a custom-made elegant dress.

I may add a few more links to prove the point here if I find any more interesting outfits.

Ladylike: Final Thoughts

The premise of this blog post is about ladylike style. You don't have to be overly elegant to exude ladylike style. This all boils down to confidence and charm. For any fashionista, some of these fashion touches are either the best of ladylike style or the epitome of girly-girl style. Either way, ladylike style is nothing to half-step or misconstrue. So go ahead and exhibit your classiest, most elegant, and most empowering examples of ladylike style. Be the goddess you were born to be. Own it, girl! :)

I hope you found this blog post to be great. So let me ask you (in case you want to discuss)...

What other elements or touches do you find to be ladylike? Do you agree or disagree with some of the items I find as being ladylike?

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