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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Luxury Sneakers

John Marine | 11:16 PM | |
Who wants to pay hundreds for sneakers? Granted I am not much the sneaker type, I never understood why one would pay so much for a pair of sneakers, or why make sneakers overly chic. Sneakers are usually casual and rugged. Sneakers ruin certain outfits to me. Simply adding sneakers doesn't always work, people! People will still try to make sneakers chic in some sort of way. Some high-end designers make high-end style sneakers. And so the focus of this blog post is on luxury sneakers. No specific brands or designers- just high-end sneakers in general.

Luxury Sneakers in General

Anything luxury is defined as anything which purpose is beyond the original purpose of an item. For example, high-end sports cars and exotic cars are considered "luxury" because they capitalize on high horsepower or very fast speeds. So what "luxury" do luxury sneakers have? I doubt there is anyone who has never owned a single pair of sneakers in his or her life. Sneakers are either worn for casual wear or for active use. Sneakers scuff up and get worn out because they were meant to be worn out casually with casual outfits or some sporty outfits. Luxury sneakers, conversely, are primarily high-priced sneakers with immaculate details and luxe design elements. Many of these sneakers are still very durable, but they have a touch of chic that make them more than your average sneakers. Luxury sneakers are enjoyed by the likes of males and females. You could say various luxury sneakers are casual cool for the chic set. They are sneakers for the high-end fashion stars.

Who Makes Luxury Sneakers?

There are a handful of high-end designers and some mainstream designers who make such high-end sneakers. Among many: Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and many others.

Luxury Sneaker Examples.

Luxury sneakers from high-end designers. Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure. All media are for educational purposes:

luxury sneakers female
^ from: - These are wedge sneakers from Jimmy Choo.

luxury sneakers female Zanotti
^ from: (Wheretoget) - These wedge sneakers are high-end for sure from Giuseppe Zanotti.

luxury sneakers male
^ from: (best I could find) - Even males can enjoy some luxury sneakers.

A lot of luxury brand sneakers are fairly high priced. Some even are designed by high-end designers for not-so high-end companies. There are still a handful of sneakers from high-end luxury designers delivering casual style even for the one with fairly average budgets. Some of these luxury sneakers are glammed up models (especially feminine luxury sneakers) sure to be a chic compliment to various outfits.

Luxury Sneakers: Final Thoughts

If you fancy sneakers and want high-end style, you can do little wrong with a proper pair of luxury sneakers. They may be highly-priced, but I am sure many people are getting their money's worth styling outfits with various high-end sneakers. Those dressing casually with high-end garments can complete a high-end casual outfit with a fine pair of luxury sneakers. Just be sure to find a pair of high-end sneakers that suit your style and compliment your outfit(s) well.

Luxury Sneakers Online

Want your own luxury sneakers? Let me help you! Take a look at these items and shop around for your own luxury-type sneakers:



Male and female variety luxury sneakers here...

Por homme...

Por femme...

Happy shopping! :) Remember to help support my work any way you can- even including taking part in sections like this one.

I probably can type up more stuff, but that's all for now. But before closing, here is a discussion question in case you want to get a discussion going:

Are you fond of luxury sneakers and high-end sneakers? Is it even worth the money to buy expensive sneakers?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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