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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two-Piece Dresses

John Marine | 11:57 PM | |
The two-piece dress is popular. Basically, this is like a cheap way of labeling a top with a matching skirt. I think a true "two-piece dress" would be if the dress is convertible from dress to top and skirt. To me, a true "two-piece dress" would be one can be worn as a dress or detached to separates. So what does a two-piece dress look like? Here is an example:

two-piece dress
^ from: - "Two-piece dress... or a matching top and skirt?

How we throw around terms can lead to confusion or simply not getting it. For example, as a car lover, I am used to terms like a "four-door coupe." And four door coupes are more like sedans... only that they don't want you to call it a sedan (which is a four-door car). Same confusing terminology applies to labeling things like the two-piece dress. Designers don't want you to call these as matching skirt sets, so enter the "two-piece dress." True dresses are one-piece skirts. They have a top and a skirt mated together. Even if one little thread holds the top and skirt parts together, it is still technically a dress. To extend the example further, I've seen pants that can be converted to shorts by removing two parts of the pants. That's convertible. That is what I would consider two-piece pants. I've even seen blog posts and outfits where two similar-looking separates are put together and match perfectly. And in the case of a dress-like outfit, that would be like pairing a bodysuit with a matching skirt. But is it a true dress? No- it is a nicely-matching skirt outfit at best.

Don't get me wrong in all of this- I don't hate these top and skirt combinations. I just find the "two-piece dress" term silly. Don't call these truly as dresses or as two-piece dresses unless the top and skirt parts can be detached. At best, these two-piece dresses are merely stylish, matching top and skirt sets. For the price of one, a "two-piece dress" offers you a stylish top and a stylish skirt. But please- these are NOT true dresses! Make dresses that can be converted to skirts, dresses that could be worn as skirts, or dresses that can have the top and skirt detached- THEN call them two-piece dresses. Get over the cute terminology- these are tops and skirts, NOT true dresses.

But again... that is just my commentary.

Two-Piece Dresses Online

If you thought I was being harsh on these garments, my only gripe concerned simply calling these as "two-piece dresses." They aren't true dresses as I see dresses. Not once have I hated the style of these outfits all post long. Maybe you want your own two-piece dress. If you are one of those or wanting to buy one for someone else, let me help you while you're still here. So use these items to find relevant material. Your participation is voluntary, but appreciated if you do business here.


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