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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Statement Sleeves

John Marine | 1:35 AM | | |
Make a statement... with sleeves! Statement sleeves have been one of the latest style touches. Garments with dramatic sleeves can really say something. Bell sleeves, ruffles, puffy sleeves... all are statement makers. You can really provide a dramatic statement with these powerful tops and dresses with statement sleeves. The premise of statement sleeves is on dramatically styled sleeves that enhance the style of one outfit. You could even have a basic T-shirt that somehow has some powerful looking sleeves to them to make it even better than any simple T-shirt. Usually, such statement sleeve garments are with beautiful blouses, some button-down shirts, and almost any kind of dress that has dramatic sleeves to them. Even rompers/playsuits that may have sleeves to them can offer dramatic style statements. So no matter what, there are many ways to make a statement- especially with statement sleeves.

Personally, I find statement sleeves to be amazing when done right. The only thing I would caution is to make sure you don't go with too many other powerful items- especially in the case of a statement sleeve top. So for example, don't go with overly wild bottoms or shoes to go with the statement sleeve top or dress. I am thinking more in terms of proportions and balance here. Footwear choices depend on the outfit. I prefer to stay away from sneakers or any really casual sandals if I have a really beautiful statement sleeve top or dress. Some outfits are fine for a style touch with some statement sleeves, but not all outfits work with certain footwear. I think it all depends on the outfit and your style. I'm not here to make fashion choices for you, but I would just keep balance and order in mind when styling certain statement sleeve tops and dresses.

I may caution is that statement sleeves can be too powerful for petites. Much like how maxi dresses and flared bottoms can overwhelm some petite figures, statement sleeves can almost do the same impact to some petites. All is well if you can find a great top or dress with statement sleeves that is more petite-friendly.

One other thing I caution you about is that such sleeved garments may not be overly practical. So be careful with things like eating out, being around fires, some doors, and that sort of thing. You don't want to rip apart your garment or risk some kind of environmental hazards while looking fabulous with your statement sleeve garment(s).

Statement Sleeve: Picture Insight.

Let me provide some pictures to give you some insight on statement sleeves. Take a look:

ruffle statement sleeves
^ from: - Ruffle sleeve tops and dresses are fine examples of statement sleeve garments.

cascading statement sleeves
^ from: - Cascading sleeves can be overly dramatic statement sleeve types.

bell statement sleeves
^ from: - Dresses can boast statement sleeves as well, such as this bell sleeve dress.

Statement Sleeves: Video Insight.

Here are how some fashionistas are styling statement sleeves:

^ What's up your sleeve? Statement Sleeves trending this season||Diksha Vohra

^ Easy DIY + How to Wear STATEMENT SLEEVES I Spring Trend Guide

Now some bloggers who showcase some stylish statement sleeves. Remember to follow their blogs in some capacity if you adore their work:
"FLOWY BELL SLEEVES" (Shall We Sasa) « a bell-sleeve top.
"CUTEST STRIPE DRESS AND THE BEST SALES FOR THE WEEKEND" (Shall We Sasa) « a dress with tiered ruffle sleeves.
"IT’S ALL ABOUT STATEMENT SLEEVES AND COLD-SHOULDER" (Color and Grace) « a cold shoulder top with statement sleeves.
"Manic Monday: It’s All About The Sleeves" (Style Cassentials) « a striped top with short, cascading sleeves.
"Reminiscence Gaultier – Spring Fashion Trends" (Buscando a Audrey) « a wide-sleeve bell blouse.
"FLIRTY FUN IN CASCADING RUFFLE SLEEVES" (cute and little) « a cascading sleeve blouse.
"STATEMENT BELL SLEEVE SWEATER FOR THE OFFICE" (cute and little) « a two-tone bell sleeve sweater.

I may include more from others if I decide to want to add more statement sleeve outfits.

Statement Sleeves: Final Thoughts.

Statement sleeve outfits can be absolutely beautiful. Styled well, they can provide dramatic and beautiful styles- even if worn casually. Uniquely girly and feminine, these tops and dresses can offer bold and chic fashion statements. Proudly wear some garments with powerful and attention-grabbing sleeves. Just be careful not to wear too many powerful pieces or anything that ruins proportions or balance with statement sleeve garments. Other than that, there is not really any real way to destroy such garments and outfits. So wear these statement sleeve garments proudly and fashionably.

Statement Sleeves Online

If you want to make your own statement with statement sleeve garments, allow me to help you. Help yourself to these:

For Bell Sleeves:

For Ruffle Sleeves:

For Cascading Sleeves:

Happy shopping! :)

So what do you think?

What are your thoughts and styling ideas towards statement sleeve garments?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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