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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits

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Maxi dress, meet rompers/playsuits. Though rompers/playsuits are technically dresses, maxi rompers combine the romper appeal while offering a dress-like appearance. The big advantage is in being covered with the romper. Especially rompers of the past ten or so years have basically been covered alternatives to mini dresses. Maxi rompers are rompers but with the covering of a long dress or a kimono. They are even more of all-in-ones. This blog post will be all about maxi rompers/playsuits and what I think about them.

NOTE: If you are new to "StyleSpace by JBM," I use "rompers/playsuits" a lot, but usually use "romper." These short jumpsuits are called rompers or playsuits by most people. But just know I use "romper" to describe such outfits.

Maxi Romper/Playsuit Examples.

All of the media shown here are for educational purposes. Here are examples of maxi rompers:

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - A maxi romper. You probably can't see it too well, but note the romper part combined with the long dress.
maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - Believe it or not, this beautiful high-low dress is really a maxi romper.

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - This maxi romper is almost elegant enough to be worn for a night out or a date. You probably can for what I know!

floral maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - This is a casual floral romper.

And this is some video insight of a maxi romper:

^ Fancy Meeting You Here Maxi Romper

So now you have an idea of what kinds of garments we are discussing here. Now comes my thoughts on maxi rompers.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: How to Style?

I find most long dresses to best be paired with any number of chic shoes or sandals. Same applies to maxi rompers. You can also go with boots and booties. Some rompers are casual enough to be worn with a pair of sandals or some very casual sandals. I guess if you're going with sneakers, I'd stay away from basketball sneakers or something. Even as much as I loathed most of them, even go with some wedge sneakers with maxi rompers if you love them so much.

All I know is that maxi rompers allow you to enjoy elegantly showing off your legs. So you may want to go with some fun and stylish footwear to go with maxi rompers while also offering open-air comfort for your legs and feet. Maybe if it is cold weather time, you COULD go with wearing warm tights with maxi rompers, but I'd probably keep these for warm weather times instead of trying to make them all-year garments.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: Final Thoughts.

If you ask me, I think these are a romantic take on the romper. I would probably go as far as to say these are dresses for those who don't like wearing proper dresses. Maxi rompers should still appeal to fashionistas who already love rompers. Just imagine having the comfort of a romper while also sporting a silky dress. Simply put- a maxi romper is a covered long dress. And just like maxi dresses, maxi rompers can be immensely elegant. So go ahead and wear these sweet rompers if you enjoy both maxi dresses and romper dresses.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits Online.

I can help you shop for maxi rompers/playsuits. Take a look at the items below and shop around. Thanks for your cooperation if you plan on doing any shopping! Remember- your participation here is voluntary.

Or take a look at these maxi rompers:

I would appreciate your business and your support if you did visit these links. I don't ask for people for financial support, but it would be nice to receive support from my audience.

The blog post is over.

What do you think about maxi rompers? If you already love or wear rompers, would you wear a maxi romper?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it for all of you fashion lovers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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